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Pediatric Physical Therapy for Movement Skills

April 1, 2016

A healthy body can help children develop proper motor skills, fulfill daily tasks, and engage in physical activities or athletic competitions. However, many medical conditions and injuries can inflict children with pain and impair their ability to move their bodies effectively. Children often receive pediatric physical therapy to improve movement skills or rehabilitate from injuries. If your child is experiencing physical limitations, you should learn about the pediatric physical therapy services that the best Wyoming physical therapists can provide.

Movement Disorders

Premier Casper physical therapists can provide movement treatments for children who are encountering mobility impediments. Many different medical conditions can hinder the mobility of young children and adolescent teenagers. Common diseases or conditions that facilitate movement problems include cerebral palsy, respiratory conditions, muscle diseases, Parkinson’s disease, limb deficiencies, and genetic disorders. Many children also experience birth defects or developmental delays that prevent them from acquiring certain movement skills at the same rate as other children. Physical therapy sessions can help children overcome these conditions and enjoy proper movement abilities so they can safely and successfully perform daily tasks.

Movement Treatments

Top Wyoming physical therapists can implement many treatment techniques to improve the movement skills of your child. During the sessions, the therapy experts often evaluate the strength of your child, analyze the gait while he or she walks, and assess the flexibility of your child’s limbs. The therapist can then use this information to determine which specific physical limitations your child is experiencing and which particular treatment methods would help him overcome these impediments.  

The exact treatment program is typically customized according to the needs and preferences of each child. However, certain physical therapy techniques can help improve the movement skills of children. Common techniques include balance and coordination activities, heat and cold therapies, aquatic water therapies, and crawling or walking exercises. Additionally, the experts can also use innovative modality treatments to enhance the mobility of children. Modality treatments that are typically implemented for children with movement problems include electrical stimulation devices, manual massages, ultrasound therapies, and Graston techniques.  

Injury Treatments

Premier Casper physical therapists can also treat children who have incurred injuries that limit their mobility. Physical therapy professionals can implement treatment programs that are specifically designed to treat the injury that your child is experiencing. The treatments can then alleviate the pain, accelerate the rehabilitation process, and restore the proper functioning and movement skills of your child’s body. Several exercises can treat pediatric injuries. During the sessions, the therapist can guide your child through stretch regimens, aerobic activities, and strength or flexibility exercise routines.  Therapists can also utilize technological devices and innovative modalities to help your child recover from the injury. Additionally, the therapist can also teach your child the proper movements and effective techniques that can help him perform routine tasks and play his favorite sports without incurring any future injuries.  

Contact North Platte Physical Therapy to provide pediatric physical therapy treatment for your child. Our elite staff of experts are revered throughout the Wyoming and Nebraska areas for providing superior physical therapy services. We can give each child the full support they deserve, we have access to the best treatment techniques available, and we would be happy to implement treatment programs to maximize the movement skills and the quality of life that your child enjoys.