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Becoming Healthier in 2019 With Casper Physical Therapy

January 2, 2019

The start of a new year is the perfect time to initiate goals to become healthier. Even if you are not looking to lose weight, adjusting your eating habits, exercising and using premier Casper physical therapy will make a difference. In your search to become a better you in 2019, use some of these tips to feel better in the new year. 

Common Aches and Pains with Adults

An average of 25 to 30 percent of adults copes with chronic pain, which occurs for a variety of reasons. Some pain stems from health conditions while others are due to injuries. Common aches and pains reported in adults include: 
  • Abdominal pain
  • Back pain from strains, bulging discs, etc. 
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Joint pain due to arthritis, inflammation or bursitis
  • Knee pain
  • Nerve damage
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Tennis elbow

Using Physical Therapy to Replace Medication

More than 80 percent of Americans use over-the-counter pain medications to treat aches and pains. For others, they are given prescriptions for opioids that can be highly addictive. In fact, more than three million people use them each year. Is there another way to treat pain? There is! Local physical therapy can help you resolve some of your aches and pains, rather than masking them. Top physical therapists will identify the source of your pain and create a customized plan. These can include: 
  • Aerobic exercises 
  • Dry needling
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Strength training
  • Stretching

Your initial visit will assess your issues. Your physical therapist will find the best exercises and treatments for you to find long-term solutions to pain. For many, quality physical therapy can help adults prevent costly surgeries that take time to recover. 

Learning Proper Form for Daily Tasks

Poor posture takes a toll on your body. When you are in ideal alignment, there is less stress on your muscles. When all is in line, you will have a better range of motion and less pain. But your form of activities is also essential. This can be anything from lifting boxes or sitting at a desk to moving items and exercise. A physical therapist will discuss with you what your day to day is like. From there, they will teach you how to handle your everyday tasks properly. 

Improving Mobility

Physical therapy is great for those looking to increase mobility. You can work with a physical therapist to create go-to exercises that you can do on your own time. This makes becoming more mobile a task easy to achieve on your terms. In the 10 surprising ways physical therapy can make your life better, you will find how beneficial it is to solve issues. 

As you work towards becoming a healthier you in 2019, North Platte Physical Therapy is here for you. Whether you are looking to resolve aches and pains, become more mobile or feel better, our team of talented physical therapists will work closely with you. You will find you will feel better, sleep through the night, and have more energy! What are you waiting for? Contact us today to schedule your initial appointment!

Avoid These Top Winter Workplace Injuries Explained by Cheyenne, WY Physical Therapy

November 26, 2018

Winter storms and inclement weather can creep up quickly in Wyoming and South Dakota. This can make workplace safety tricky, but with some advance notice, employees can stay safe. In addition, customers are able to stay safe, too. Make sure that this winter, you are sure your company makes workplace safety as a top priority. Not only will avoiding these mistakes explained by go-t Cheyenne, WY physical therapy keep your employees safe, but your customers too. 

Back Pain

After a major snowfall, businesses in Cheyenne, Wyoming must shovel sidewalks, parking lot, etc. within 24 hours of the event. For South Dakota, there are 72 hours. This ensures the safety of employees and customers making their way in and out of the building. However, those that shovel may not necessarily know best practices, which can lead to serious back issues. When shoveling, employees should be dressed appropriately for the elements. This includes durable, slip-resistant shoes. Next, just like with exercise, warm-up exercises will help prep the mind and body. Once actually lifting snow, lift with the legs and not the back. 

Slips, Trips, and Falls

You probably are aware that slips, trips, and fall are three of the most common injuries during the winter. These can lead to some pretty long-term injuries. To help, prepare for an ice event by salting sidewalks. Add anti-slip mats in doorways for guests and employees to wipe their shoes off as they enter and exit. For shoes, they play a crucial role in workplace safety. Anti-slip shoes provide extra protection from snow, ice, and water that seems impossible to keep dry. 

Work Vehicle Accidents

Many professions have drivers on the road. Those sitting in the driver’s seat should keep a couple car-lengths difference between them and the card in front of them. This allows ample time if an abrupt stop is needed. Anti-slip shoes are also ideal for drivers as wet shoes can become slippery on the gas or brake pedal. When becoming involved in an accident, a person may experience whiplash or other neck injuries, as well as back injuries. It is important to know what to do after a work injury explained by Physical therapy in Wheatland, WY. Follow the instructions from your doctor, then work with a local, premier physical therapist to help you get back to your normal self!

When it comes to workplace safety, take everything seriously! If you look at the United States’ United States Department of Labor’s commonly used statistics, you will find an in-depth look into workplace injuries. This is where North Platte Physical Therapy will help. As your go-to physical therapy office in the area, we will give you quality care to help you or your employees get back in no time. To get started, contact North Platte Physical Therapy to find the nearest location to you. With nearly 20 locations, find the North Plat has a team near you to help you and your employees avoid winter dangers while working in the snow.

Recover from Ankle Sprains Faster with Casper Physical Therapy

December 19, 2018

The dreaded ankle sprain! Ankle sprains can happen in an instant, leaving you in a decent amount of pain. It can also be a nuisance if you are not able to put weight on the foot. This is where Casper physical therapy is here to help! A local physical therapist can help you expedite your recovery and get you back on your feet. 

Immediately After Injury

The first few minutes after spraining an ankle are crucial to a speedy recovery. When an ankle is sprained, it is because the ligaments have been stretched in an abnormal way. When those ligaments stretch or even tear, it can be quite painful. They are common when falling or if the ankle is twisted in a different direction. Upon suspecting you have sprained your ankle, proactive the “R.I.C.E.” method. RICE, which stands for “Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevate” are four steps to help you recover more quickly. Avoid putting any weight on the food and surround it with ice packs, frozen vegetables or anything similar that you have in 15 to 20 minute increments. This will reduce swelling. Compression is great to help reduce the area from overly adding inflammation. And last is elevate. When you sit with your foot elevated, you will keep blood from flowing in the area hence reducing any added swelling. 

Physical Therapy

Did you know that a premier physical therapist can help speed up your recovery time? Plus, when you do not recover property, it can lead you to many problems down the road. It is best to contact a top physical therapist within three days of the injury. They will help you create a plan custom to your injury for a quick and speedy recovery. These are exercises you can do in the comfort of your home and will greatly increase quality and strength in the area. From working on your range of motion to stretches, they will have you covered. 

Avoiding a Re-Injury

When it comes to sprains, the National Institutes of Health’s “Ankle sprain: pathophysiology, predisposing factors, and management strategies,” three-quarters of ankle sprains lead to re-injury or generalized chronic pain. Ensuring you handle your recovery and post recovery properly is key. This could help reduce that 75 percent, including your injury. A few other tips to avoid injuries include: 
  • Invest in a good pair of supportive shoes
  • Properly warm up before exercising
  • Stay active
  • Use a wrap if advised by a doctor or physical therapist
  • Be cautious when walking, running, and going up or down stairs
When you are recovering from your own ankle injury, North Platte Physical therapy will be there every step of the way. Providing you a complete roadmap to a speedy recovery, our go-to techniques will help you speed things up. As the go-to expert of physical therapy treatments for ankle sprains, we will help you get back on your feet. With several locations, you can find one that is close and convenient for you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and be on the road for a quick recovery! 

Cheyenne, WY Physical Therapy Care Tips for Osteoarthritis

December 12, 2018

Did you know that more than 30 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis? While primarily found in senior citizens, the condition can also affect people as young as their 20s. Identifying top osteoarthritis symptoms is key, which is something local Cheyenne, WY physical therapy can help with. Learn more about this disease, how it is diagnosed, and incorporating premier physical therapy to manage pain. 

What is Osteoarthritis? 

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common types of joint disease, mainly from wear and tear over the years. Often known as a degenerative disease, it leads to pain in joints in the hands, feet, hips, back and other joint areas. Once the cartilage that makes it easy to move begins to wear, it becomes painful. As time goes on, pieces of the bone or cartilage can break off, causing an inflammatory reaction. Because it is mainly due to use over the years, it is most common in those that are 65-years-old or older. It is most common in the hands but can form in a variety of the areas mentioned above. Common risk factors include: 
  • Genetics
  • Overuse
  • Age
  • Women
  • Overweight
  • Injuries

Signs and Symptoms

Those with osteoarthritis experience an aching of the joints that worsens when moved. On the flipside, when stationary, it can make the joints painful when moving again. Also, inflammation within the joints and cartilage may lead to visible swelling. Because of this pain, osteoarthritis can lead to stiffness, creating what seems like an endless cycle. As cartilage loss occurs, there may be an audible grinding during the movement of joints. Sufferers may also notice bone spurs, which are pieces of bone that have broken off. 

Diagnosing and Treatment

Upon noticing pain within joints, see a medical professional. They can take in your information on symptoms and identify the location of pain to do a routine exam and take X-rays. The X-ray and potential other tests such as an MRI or blood test will help the professional identify if there is damage. From there, the doctor will provide tips for treatment accordingly. This may include prescribing medication, go-to tips for losing weight, compresses, removing excess fluid, and in extreme cases, surgery. Physical therapy is also a great way to manage symptoms. 

Incorporating Quality Physical Therapy

It is best to continue moving when coping with osteoarthritis symptoms. While it may not seem like it, continuing to move can help build strength and inflammation. Your local physical therapist will identify a plan specific to your situation for relief and improvement. If your doctor has recommended surgery, learn about the benefits of exercise pre and post surgery with a physical therapist. 

As you look for ways to manage your osteoarthritis, North Platte Physical Therapy is your go-to practice. Our staff of experienced therapists are knowledgeable in osteoarthritic treatment that will provide you relief. You will learn ways to feel better and improve throughout your journey. To get started, contact us today! We will answer your questions and provide a tailored plan for management and improvement. 

Direct Access States for Physical Therapy in Casper, WY

December 5, 2018

Are you interested in physical therapy in Casper, WY or Nebraska, but haven’t because of a need for a referral from a doctor? There is good news for you—you may not need one! With “direct access,” you may not need a referral from a physician for premier physical therapy. With accessibility, you are able to get the care you need from a provider that best fits your needs. Learn more about direct access laws in Wyoming and how you can proceed with receiving quality physical therapy. 

What is Direct Access? 

When it comes to direct access at the federal level, the government does not require a primary care physician to provide a referral for a person to seek out physical therapy. As of 2015, all 50 states, along with the US Virgin Islands, have a certain level of direct access—some more than others. 

Three Levels of Direct Access

  • Limited
  • Access with provisions
  • Unrestricted

Limited access allows patients to receive therapy under specific circumstances. This could be from a prior diagnosis or past referral. Only six states have limited access; the least amount in the country. 

Access with provisions allows a person to be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist under certain provisions—more than limited access. For instance, there could be a time limit on care or specific therapy based on a physician’s suggestion. Access with provisions is what the majority of states allow, with 26 states total, plus Washington D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

Unrestricted access means a person does not need a referral from a doctor to receive therapy, nor do they require any provisions to be met. Currently, there are 18 states as of 2018 with unrestricted access to local physical therapy. 

Wyoming’s Laws

Even though Wyoming falls in the “limited” access category, there are opportunities for people to receive care without a referral. Some of the provisions include: 
  • The person is 12-years-old or older
  • Treatment for chronic pain or an ongoing condition 
  • A therapist must have a master’s degree and a minimum of five years clinical experience

All other circumstances outside of these parameters will require a physician’s referral. 

Nebraska’s Laws

For those living in Nebraska, citizens have unrestricted access to physical therapy. This means no matter what the reasons or circumstances may be, a person will not need to get anything referring them to a therapist. This allows anyone to seek out care options. However, states like Nebraska with unrestricted access can only see a physical therapist for therapy and nothing outside of that realm. 

As you seek out a top physical therapist to help address any of your needs, North Platte Physical Therapy has locations in rural Wyoming and western Nebraska. As your go-to source for therapy, our team will help you each and every step of the way to help you make a recovery and live a happier and healthier life. Contact us today to see how we can help you and answer any of your questions regarding your care.