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North Platte Physical Therapy has been offering services to Gillette and surrounding areas for many years. With 2 Physical Therapist and 3 Physical Therapy Assistants, North Platte Physical Therapy offers a variety of treatment techniques including trigger point dry needling, graston technique, aquatic therapy and kinesio taping. Our specialties include back and spine rehabilitation, ergonomic assessments, functional capacity evaluations, orthopedic injuries, orthotic casting and fitting, pediatrics, pre work screening, return to work testing, running analysis, sports physical therapy, and women’s health. We also offer a wide variety of bracing and splinting goods for most any patient’s needs.

In order to better serve our community, North Platte Physical Therapy offers a sports specific program called You+. You+ is targeted to help any athlete improve speed, agility, endurance, and strength to help prevent injuries.

North Platte Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing the best care and customer service to all of our patients. We want our patients to have a good understanding and feel comfortable with the cost of therapy. As a courtesy to our patients we do verify all patients insurance and answer any questions that our patients may have. At North Platte Physical Therapy we offer extended hours to meet all of our patient’s needs and walk-in appointments are always welcomed. Call 307-686-2569 today to schedule your appointment.

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Address: 620 4-J Court,Gillette, WY 82716
Hours: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday: 7:00AM - 6:00PM | Tuesday & Thursday: 7:00AM - 5:00PM (Closed for lunch 12PM - 1PM Daily)
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How to Make 2019 Your Best Year for Physical Fitness from Your Trusted Physical Therapist

March 20, 2019

Are you a Wyoming resident seeking to improve your overall physical health situation? You’re not alone, as the centennial state is one of the healthiest and most physically fit states in the United States. If you’ve ever been to a state park or popular hiking trail on the weekend, you are well aware of the fact that people in our area love physical activity, as there are nearly endless ways to get exercise through outdoor activities in the area. If you’re wanting to make improvements to your overall health condition in 2019, here are a few helpful tips to follow from your trusted physical therapist.

Find a Physical Activity You Actually Enjoy

One of the most difficult parts about getting regular physical activity for many people is that it can be hard to motivate yourself to continue pursuing it, especially if you view the activity as a chore. The best way to stay on a consistent regimen of physical activity is to find one that you enjoy doing and one that will be easy to do on a consistent basis. When a person has a long day at the office, often the last thing they will want to do is exercise after work. This fact is compounded if the activity they are looking to do requires them to drive a long distance.

First, you may want to locate a gym that is close to your house, meaning you won’t have to drive home and then get stuck in traffic again just to work out. It’s best to make things as convenient as possible on yourself, as starting a new habit is difficult enough. The easier it is for you to engage in the activity, the better. This also applies to the activity itself, as any activity that is enjoyable will make it much more likely that you will actually complete the task. 

If you have a hard time working out because you don’t enjoy running, perhaps you can think about a class or other form of exercise that you find enjoyment from. You may also want to think about finding a workout buddy for as a way to help motivate you to keep exercising on a consistent basis.

If you are looking to improve your physical health situation is and are in need of physical therapy due to an accident or other physical ailments, contact North Platte Physical Therapy today and we will be happy to assist you with your first steps towards recovery. We have an extensive team of qualified physical therapists and specialists who care deeply about their clients and go above and beyond the call of duty to provide the highest quality treatment in the industry. If you are looking for a therapist who will carefully assess your individual needs and formulate a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your needs, North Platte is your preferred choice for the physical recovery process.

How Physical Therapy Can Help Your Sciatica Symptoms

March 20, 2019

Whether you're a runner from Cheyenne North, a bowler form Guernsey, or a hunter from Casper West —sciatica knows no bounds. The familiar sting and numbness that accompanies a sciatica flare up is all-too-familiar to suffered from across Wyoming and South Dakota. Thankfully, the team here at North Platte Physical Therapy will be here to offer you a wide variety of advice on preventing, managing and ultimately alleviating your lower back pain. 

That said, while sciatica 'feels' like lower back pain, it's quite different, biophysically. While your pain from sciatica might feel like it's concentrated in your lower back, it actually extends down the sciatic nerve, which, as long time sciatica suffers might already know, is the largest nerve in the human body. Whether your sciatic nerve pain is most prevalent in your lower back, buttock, hip or leg, the good news is that your friends here at North Platte Physical Therapy can get you on a path to relief and recovery.

How is sciatica diagnosed? Many health professionals proclaim that when patients come to them and say they believe they've got sciatica, they're usually correct. However, an official diagnosis is always the first way to go when it comes to implementing a diligent treatment plan. In addition to looking extensively at your medical history, your physical therapist will also give you a physical exam to try to discover what exactly is causing undue pressure on your sciatic nerve.

How is sciatica treated? At North Platte Physical Therapy, we've successfully aided thousands of sciatica patients through a series of physical therapy methods and through teaching them a variety of maintenance exercises. Usually the main goal in managing sciatica is to help you better solidify your abdominal muscles so that your lower spine is better supported. We might also recommend a series of pilates classes to help you deal with pain management. Whether you suffer from sciatica or another work-induced ailment, the North Platte Physical Therapy team can also help you make adjustments to your biomechanics and ergonomic behavior, particularly in the way you bend down to pick up things, or sit at your desk.

Keep in mind, treatment of sciatica varies considerably from patient to patient. That's why you can count on our team of physical therapy professionals to help you discover the treatment plan that's right for you and your precise symptoms. Too many people from across Wyoming and South Dakota suffer from the pain of sciatica unnecessarily. Contact the North Platte Physical Therapy team today to set up an appointment and to get on track with a physical therapy treatment regimen that will reclaim your life from everyday sciatic nerve pain and help you enjoy work and exercise again.

Four Ways A Physical Therapist Can Change Your Life

March 13, 2019

There’s a lot of misconceptions out there about physical therapy. While many people think physical therapy is only useful in helping individuals and athletes recover from injury, there is a wide facet of the field dedicated to injury prevention as well. In fact, if you’ve been suffering from nagging pain, or simply want to move better, physical therapy can offer tremendous benefits. Whether you’re a construction worker from Cheyenne struggling with back pain, a teacher from Gillette with sore feet, or a policeman from Wheatland with nagging knee pain, the knowledgeable and friendly team here at North Platte Physical Therapy can help.

1. Improve Mobility: The hands-on therapy or treatments such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation utilized here at North Platte Physical therapy can help relieve the pains you experience every day while helping to restore proper muscle and joint function. In fact, a program of varied therapies also can prevent pain in knees, ankles, and legs from returning, helping you to be more mobile and active. 

2. Improve Balance: If you or an older loved one is a patient who is at risk for falls, our friendly team can provide exercises that mimic real-life situations to help improve your balance. Our wide range of effective physical therapy techniques can also help you with exercises to improve coordination to prevent falls and improve your mobility. Don’t let deteriorating strength reduce the safety you or your elderly loved one has in the comfort of their own home or workspace.

3. Improve Strength: The notion of bodybuilders being the picture of strength has been rendered antiquated by breakthroughs in physical therapy. Strength is differential across all body types, and can often be improved without arduous gym regimens. Our team can help you coordinate a series of low-weight exercises and targeted stretches to help you build strength in your hands, arms, ankles and legs. 

4. Improve Movement: Looking to move better on the athletic field or in everyday life? The North Platte Physical Therapy team can teach you a variety of stretching and strengthening exercises to assist you in restoring your ability to move with newfound strength and grace. Whether you live a more sedentary lifestyle or are very active, an improved movement program can not only help eliminate nagging aches and pains but also help to prevent injury. 

Tired of dealing with nagging soreness or the aches and pains you accumulate in everyday life? Looking for new ways to help improve your strength or mobility? Contact us today to let us know what’s bothering you. Our team of professionals will implement a safe, effective, and reasonably-priced treatment plan that will have you living better, whether that means sleeping more soundly or getting through your work day without pain. Patients across Wyoming and Western Nebraska have relied on North Platte Physical Therapy for their pain prevention and physical recovery needs for years. 

How Physical Therapy Can Put a Bounce in Your Step This Spring

March 6, 2019

Did you know that greater-Cheyenne alone is home to nearly 100 amatuer adult baseball and softball clubs? If you’re one of these thirty-something or forty-something diamond sport athletes in the Casper, Gillette or Powell area, you’d be surprised to learn how a quick visit to North Platte Physical Therapy can help your game in gear long before summer starts, because let’s face it —it’s not your rookie season anymore! There are a variety of ways that North Platte Physical Therapy can get your body prepared for the upcoming spring and summer recreational season, whether you’re still playing the American pastime or just eager to get back in shape. For young baseball and softball players, implementing a sound arm training regimen at a young age can help you prevent injury and ensure a long playing career. 

Whether you’re a young outfielder or a veteran park league pitcher, the repetitive motion of throwing risks a variety of intricate muscle and tendon groups that are important in everyday life when the game ends. In fact, Little League Baseball has taken a variety of steps to ensure that the young arms in their ranks are utilized sparingly, so that players are at less risk of arm injury as they age. 

The friendly, professional physical therapists here at North Platte Physical Therapy can help throwers young and old improve mobility and motion to prevent and eliminate pain. Common shoulder injuries related to diamond sports include shoulder tendonitis, medial epicondylar apophysis, avulsion fractures and even ulnar collateral ligament tears. Whether you're just beginning your baseball or softball career, or in the twilight of it, patterning with a physical therapist can provide tremendous benefit. Our team can help you evaluate any pertinent weaknesses or muscle imbalances and teach and implement effective stretching routines to keep your arm in the game all summer long. Our series of arm and shoulder exercise programs can even help you improve the strength, power and endurance of the major muscle groups in your shoulder, wrists and elbow.

Lastly, know the difference between pain and fatigue. If you experience any swelling or sharp pains while throwing —stop immediately and contact your local health care provider or one of our physical therapy professionals. If your arm is sore a day after throwing, don’t throw again that day. Give the muscles and tendons in your arm time to heal and regain strength before taking the diamond again. 

Whether you’re playing in an amatuer league, or just simply plan on being more active this spring and summer, let the professional, knowledgeable and responsive team here at North Platte Physical Therapy get you prepared for your sport. Whether you’re an outdoorsman from Casper, an amatuer runner from Powell, or a hiker from Gillette, our team will always be here to help you prepare for your sport by providing you with a variety of preventative maintenance and performance enhancement treatment options.

Casper Physical Therapy's Tips for Celebrating Heart Health Month

February 27, 2019

Heart disease deaths account for roughly 25 percent of the American population. February is National Heart Health Month, making it one of the best times to educate yourself on how to be healthier. From changing your eating habits to incorporating Casper physical therapy, use these go-to tips to become better understand heart health. 

Learn Important Facts About Your Heart

Heart disease ranks at the top causes of deaths for both women and men. Six different types of heart disease impact people each year. They include arrhythmia, an abnormal heartbeat, atherosclerosis, which is when the arteries become hard and cardiomyopathy, where the muscles within the heart weaken.  In addition, congenital heart defects can be present in a person at birth. In some cases, plaque can build up in the arteries, known as coronary artery disease. Last, viruses can lead to infections within the heart. 

Know the Warning Signs

Heart attacks can happen to anyone, even healthy people if they have a congenital heart defect. Keep these warning signs in your mind to help you discover if you or a loved one is undergoing a heart attack: 

Shortness of breath
Chest pain
Pain in the upper part of the body
Lightheaded feeling
Nausea, heartburn or indigestion
Cold sweats

For many people, they may not even know they're having an attack. Confusion is why it is crucial to go to a doctor or emergency care if you think you or a loved one is experiencing an attack. 

Adopt Healthier Eating Practices

Certain foods can help you improve the quality of your heart health. Some of these foods include: 

Dark chocolate
Leafy greens
Whole grains

Get Active

Did you know that getting active will not only help you to get in better shape but could save your life too? You do not need to attempt exercises and activities that you are not good at or intimidate you. When working out, you want it to be fun. This will help you seek a campaign that you can sustain. If you do not have time to go to the gym, incorporate easier tasks into your routine. For instance; park a little further from your door or opt to take the stairs. Every little bit helps. 

See How a Local Physical Therapist Can Help

To help you develop healthy exercise habits in proper form, visit your premier physical therapist. Not only will these exercises improve your health but reduce your resting heart rate too. A resting heart rate anywhere from 60 to 100 is healthy. Your premier physical therapist will walk you through the best exercises to help you lower that resting heart rate and develop strength.

As you implement a few new healthy habits to protect your heart, schedule an appointment with North Platte Physical Therapy. We’ll help you develop good habits and ensure you are taking some of the proper protocols required for improved health. Contact us today to see what we can do for you during this National Heart Health Month.