Your First Day of Therapy


What you will need:

  • ID Card
  • Insurance Card
  • Doctor's Referral

First Day Expectations

"It's my first day of therapy. What is going to happen? What do I need to bring with me? Will I have to fill out a bunch of paperwork?"

  • You can expect to fill out New patient paperwork. (This can be done ahead of time by picking up the paper work from your local clinic or by printing the paperwork.)
  • Upon arrival to your appointment the front desk will take a copy of your ID and insurance cards and get you set up with paperwork- if not filled out ahead of time.
  • You will meet with a therapist to discuss your medical history and the story of what brings you into our clinic.
  • The therapist will perform a thorough evaluation in order to develop a "Plan of Care".
  • Following the Evaluation you will begin your first treatment based on the plan of care developed during the evaluation.

First Day Paperwork

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Submit Paperwork

Privacy Policy

Every person is required by law to be notified about their privacy rights (HIPAA)

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Printable Referral for Physicians 

Any patients or physicians who would like to refer to our therapy group please print our referral sheet and bring in signed to your first therapy visit.

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