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Wyoming Physical Therapy Pros Share Great New Year’s Resolutions to Promote a Healthier You

December 21, 2020

If you’re like most people, New Year’s means one thing: a time for celebration. While it’s certainly a great way to end the holiday season, what comes next? Chances are that you don’t feel as great as you used to and there’s no better time than the new year to start improving and focusing on your health. Here are a few great New Year’s resolutions to help you improve your health in the long run so you can avoid searching for physical therapy near me for years to come.

Be More Active

One of the most common reasons people fail on their fitness resolutions is because they make them so strict or out of reach that they’re impossible to hit. The truth is that any increase in physical activity can help you get healthier and stay that way. Next year, commit to being more active even if that means just going on a walk a few evenings a week or parking your car further away from the office so you have to walk more before your workday starts. Whatever it is, make those commitments realistic. You can always push yourself harder once you get into better shape.

Ditch the Processed Goods

Your diet can have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. Use this to your advantage and try to cut down or eliminate all processed goods and junk food in the New Year. You can start out slowly. Cut one junk food from your diet each week and replace it with something healthy. Instead of reaching for a candy bar when you’re munchy, switch to more natural forms of sugar like fruit, homemade vegetable chips, or even homemade popsicles. As you start to develop a taste for those healthy foods, you’ll stop craving the junk making it even easier to keep your resolution.

Prioritize Sleep

Did you know that sleep plays a major role in your physical and mental health? Ideally, you should be getting at least eight hours of good, restful sleep each night. This helps you wake up energized and ready for your day, every day. If you’re having trouble sleeping, look for ways to help you de-stress. Meditate for a few minutes before going to bed, read a good book, or take a long, hot bath. Just make sure to turn the TV off and leave your phone or tablet outside the bedroom. This will help your mind unwind and make it easier for your body to get ready for bed in the first place. 

Make the Right Resolutions From the Get-Go

If you’ve struggled to keep your New Year’s resolutions, you’re not alone. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Set reasonable goals and break them into more achievable chunks. Once you hit one milestone, celebrate! Even if you still have a ways to go, you’re still making progress! If at any point you get injured during your physical activities or just aren’t happy with your range of motion, reach out and schedule a consultation with our team.