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Delayed Walking in Babies and Using Casper Physical Therapy to Help

September 14, 2016

Babies usually begin to walk anywhere between nine months to one year old. There could be many reasons your child is not walking in the average time that other children might. If you find your children are not walking, talk with your doctor. Read about some of the most common conditions and learn how a local Casper physical therapy office can help.
  1. Motor Skills and Walking: Some children have delayed motor skills causing them to walk a little later than others. There could be many other reasons for the delay that simply have to do with their personality. Some children would rather wait until they feel confident or are just unsure. Children that have or show signs of hypotonia, a condition where people have less control over their body, can impact walking. In Medline Plus’ article on Hypotonia, they explain this condition might be caused by brain damage. It could also be caused by muscular disorders, nerves that supply muscles or an infection.  In other motor skill areas, some children have a learning disability causing a delay in walking. This is where a top physical therapist can help teach those skills and build the strength to start walking.
  2. Toe Walking: Toe walking is a common issue in children. Normally, we all walk heel-to-toe. But for some children they walk on their toes. According to Baby Center’s “Your Child is Walking on Her Toes,” babies might walk on their toes until they are two. If they have not started walking heel-to-toe by then, it is something to talk about with your doctor. They explain you should talk to them about this type of walking, if they have stiff muscles or are not as coordinated, has proper motor skills but struggles with other areas of development or has issues putting their full weight on their flat foot. They may recommend one of the best ways to overcome this way of walking by visiting a go-to physical therapist to help them walk properly.
  3. Muscular Issues: A child may not walk as quickly as others due to muscular conditions such as muscular dystrophy or spinal muscular atrophy. Muscular dystrophy usually causes a weakness in muscles.  In Patient Info’s article “Muscular Dystrophies – An Overview,” this condition is due to a gene abnormality that causes the muscles to not be made properly. Spinal Muscular Atrophy is another reason for delayed walking in children. This is a genetic condition where the nerves are attacked and interfere with one’s control of their body.
If you find your child has any of the conditions above, or are unsure, North Platte Physical Therapy can help! We are your premier Casper physical therapy office that specializes in pediatric therapy. By working with our team of experts, we will work with your child to overcome obstacles and to improve the quality of their walking abilities. Ready to get started? Look at our physical therapy office locations to find the nearest location to you. From there, call the office in your area to get started!