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Pediatric Physical Therapy: Cerebral Palsy Treatment for Children

October 5, 2016

Cerebral Palsy conditions are neurological disorders that can impair the ability of individuals to develop properly and function independently. The condition impacts the part of the brain that controls muscle movement, as a result the patients often encounter difficulties coordinating their limbs, moving their bodies, and performing daily tasks. However, research demonstrates that physical therapy treatments can very effectively improve the movement skills and independent capabilities of children and adults with cerebral palsy. If your child lives with cerebral palsy, you should learn about the physical therapy treatments that the premier Wyoming physical therapists can provide at North Platte Physical Therapy.

Customized Treatment

The top Cheyenne physical therapy services can provide comprehensive treatment for children with cerebral palsy. Most experts emphasize the importance of having a physical therapist work with your child for an extensive period of time as he or she develops through childhood. For instance, the therapists can provide ideal treatments that are conducive to the various stages of infancy, early childhood, and adolescence. Having the same physical therapist over the years helps improve the efficacy of the treatment in many ways. The consistency enables the therapist and your child to keep the progress flowing efficiently throughout childhood. As the needs of your child change, the therapist will already know your child’s condition, personality, needs, and preferences. This enables the therapist to always know the best treatment plans for your particular child. Additionally, the friendship that forms is very beneficial. The unified camaraderie and cohesive companionship will help foster trust and improve the ability for the therapist and your child to collaborate together during sessions.  


Many physical therapy exercises can improve the movement and mobility skills of children with cerebral palsy. The top Wyoming physical therapists can modify the exercise routines to accommodate the physical limitations and personal preferences of your child. However, certain types of exercises are highly beneficial for cerebral palsy patients, including stretch, flexibility, and resistance or weight-bearing exercises. The therapy experts also utilize various types of exercise equipment to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. For instance, the experts can help your child use bands, rollers, weights, balance balls, and exercise machines. Many modalities can also help improve the movement skills of your child, including Tens Units, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound devices. The combination of modalities and exercises can yield many advantages for your child. The treatments can alleviate pain, expand the range of joint motion, strengthen the muscles, and increase the overall mobility of your child.  

Body Mechanics

Premier Cheyenne physical therapy services can also treat cerebral palsy with body mechanics instruction. The experts can help improve your child’s posture, walking gait, and balancing capabilities. Because the daily routines of your child naturally change as he or she matures through childhood, the therapist can provide advice regarding which body mechanics can help him complete the specific tasks that they need to fulfill at each stage of his development.  The increased independence of body mechanics instruction is especially important. For instance, the body mechanic instruction can help improve your child’s degree of independence, increase the number of tasks that can be performed on their own, and instill your child with the proud sense of satisfaction that accompanies independence.

Contact North Platte Physical Therapy to treat your child’s cerebral palsy condition. Our expert staff has earned a prestigious reputation for providing superior physical therapy services and for satisfying customers throughout the Wyoming and Nebraska areas. We can provide your child with the personalized support he deserves, we use the best treatment techniques available, and we would be happy to implement a treatment plan that can maximize the level of independence and quality of life that your child enjoys.