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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and How a Physical Therapist in Cheyenne, WY Can Relieve Symptoms

August 24, 2016

Around 5 million Americans have carpal tunnel syndrome and try to overcome their daily pain. The upside of this ailment is the ability to get better! Once diagnosed, a doctor or physical therapist in Cheyenne, WY can work with a patient for a track back to a pain-free quality of life. Learn more about carpal tunnel syndrome and the best ideas and aspects to overcome it.

The Basics: Once the carpal tunnel of the hand and wrist becomes swollen or pinched, this syndrome can occur. In Web MD’s article “A Visual Guide to Carpal Tunnel,” they explain the carpal tunnel is a small passageway of bones and ligaments from your palm to side of your wrist. The middle nerve controls sensation and movement for your thumb and first three fingers. When you need your hands every day, it can get very painful when the nerve is pinched and symptoms occur. It can really leave a negative impact and is best to resolve quickly. Especially because overtime if gone untreated, the condition can worsen.

Symptoms: Carpal tunnel syndrome causes a tingly, numb or general pain in your thumb and/or first three fingers. Healthline explains in the article “Carpal Tunnel,” some of the other top symptoms include a pain and burning that extends in your arm and wrist pain. It can also make the hand muscles weak and painful.

Risk Factors: Many associate carpal tunnel syndrome with those who sit at a desk and type all day. While that is possible, there are many reasons people get carpal tunnel syndrome. One of the top reasons people get this condition are repetitive wrist motions throughout their day. This can include those at a desk, as well as construction workers and warehouse or assembly line workers. Healthline adds that women get this condition more than men. Commonly, it occurs in people ages 30 to 60. Those who smoke, have a high sodium intake, sedentary lifestyle and are overweight Healthline says are at the most risk.

Diagnosis and Physical Therapy: If experiencing these symptoms, your local doctor can diagnose and get you on the track to improvement. For some, surgery may be needed. For others, doctors may provide medication and go-to exercises to improve it. Many have also achieved normal feeling in their hand because of physical therapy. They work with patients on specific exercises for restoration. Results can be as quick as six months. Another great aspect is being able to learn ways to treat at home and ways to avoid this condition in the future. While painful, there is a great recovery success rate.

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