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Sports Medicine: Information from Your Physical therapist Cheyenne WY

July 27, 2016

Whether you are a student or in an adult league, the goal of Cheyenne WY physical therapy sports medicine is to help you as an athlete perform better and treat your injuries when needed. Doctors that specialize in sports medicine go through their residency and training just to help you as an athlete do your best and grow!
  1. Athletic Training: Often times, physical therapists coordinate with schools so they have an athletic trainer on hand. These American Medical Association board certified professionals help to prevent injuries, can diagnose them on-site, assist with emergency situations and help with other issues. This is especially crucial for student athletes to help diagnose injuries and allow them to heal as quickly as possible. By going to your local athletic trainer, you also have someone that can communicate injuries with doctors with help expedite the healing process. Each person is different and by having a physical therapist available, you can receive the individual treatment that is needed and improve the quality of your range.
  2. Preventative Training: One of physical therapists top roles is to help prevent sports or movement related injuries. With proper training, athletes can actually reduce their injury risk with preventative care. It can be extremely helpful to prevent injuries that occur due to over use, dehydration, etc. Physical therapists can teach you how to rebuild your strength or maintain your body through a series of exercises, stretches, techniques and more. Play a specific sport? Preventative physical training can work with you on the motions you most to perfect your form to avoid injuries. This will also strengthen your muscles and ultimately reduce injury rates. After all, we want to stay on the field or on the court, right?
  3. More Prevention with Sportsmetricsâ„¢: Preventative physical therapy methods do not just stop there. Physical therapists all across the country have adopted the scientifically proven Sportsmetricsâ„¢ into their office, which is a program that helps to decrease the amount of non-contact ACL tears and other knee injuries. Sportsmetricsâ„¢ says this program consists of jumping drills used to teach athletes to preposition their bodies for a safe landing for neuromuscular retraining.
  4. Long Term Plans: The great thing about having a physical therapist is having someone that will help you create a long-term plan. In fact, you will have a go-to person to help you treat injuries, prevent them and reduce your normal pains that you have as you continue your exercise regiments. While schools and physical therapy offices are a common place to find therapists, they are found anywhere, from hospitals to other sports facilities.  By making it a part of your regiment, you will greatly benefit your movements and functions.
When it comes to Cheyenne WY physical therapy, you can count on North Platte Physical Therapy to help you as an athlete grow. Our premier staff will help you with immediate injuries or preventative care. Our offices also use Sportsmetricsâ„¢ to lower your injury ACL and knee injuries. By taking part in the six-week program, we will greatly reduce the chances of a knee injury. View our locations to find the office that is closet to you!