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The Dry Needling Treatments of Wyoming Physical Therapists

May 11, 2016

Trigger points, or knots in the muscles, can facilitate intense pain, decrease your range-of-motion, and impair the proper functioning of your body. However, physical therapists can utilize dry needling techniques to alleviate conditions associated with trigger point injuries. If you are experiencing knots in your muscles, you should learn about the dry needling treatments that the best Wyoming physical therapists can provide.  

Trigger Points

You can have premier Casper physical therapy services implement dry needle treatments for a diverse range of trigger point injuries. Trigger points refer to sensitive knotted areas or tight tension spots in the muscular system. Many problems are instigated by the development of trigger points. The knots often obstruct the circulation of blood throughout the affected area, decrease your overall range-of-motion, and delay the recovery process. The trigger points also typically inflict you with acute pain. The pain can linger while you are performing your daily activities, touching the sensitive area can exasperate the pain, and the sharp painful sensation can be concentrated directly on the trigger point or it can spread and expand to envelop the entire affected area of your body. The knots can also accumulate in many different areas of your body, including your neck, back, hips, legs, or extremities.  Additionally, without proper treatment the trigger points can stimulate the symptoms of aching or throbbing headaches.

Dry Needling

The top Wyoming physical therapists can apply dry needle treatments to relieve trigger point injuries. Dry needling enables the therapy experts to utilize sterile filament needles, penetrate the needles into your skin, and alleviate the trigger points or knots in your muscles. Because the knots are often difficult for the therapists to reach manually, dry needling provides an ideal method by which the therapists can access the specific location of the trigger point and release the knot that you are experiencing. Although the needles are similar to Chinese acupuncture needles, the procedures fulfilled by the physical therapy experts are established by Western medicine and supported by scientifically validated principals. Another common misconception is that dry needling can be painful. This is misleading because the filament needles usually do not instigate any pain. In contrast, the needles often generate a relieving and cathartic twitch from your knot being released and your condition being healed.  

Treatment Benefits

any benefits accompany the dry needling treatments offered by the best Casper physical therapy services. The ability for the experts to place the needles in optimal locations enables the needles to stimulate the knots and trigger points with precise accuracy. The stimulation of the knots can then significantly reduce the pain you are experiencing. For instance, the needles can loosen the injured muscle, release the tension from the tight band or knot, and improve the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the area. The dry needling treatment can also increase your range-of-motion. Whereas the knots restrict muscle and limb movement, releasing the knots can substantially increase your flexibility and restore the proper functioning of the given area. Additionally, the ability to release the knots, reduce the pain, and improve the functioning of your body can substantially accelerate the pace of the rehabilitation process for trigger point injuries.

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