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Kinesiotaping: Understanding Wyoming Physical Therapy Services

March 25, 2016

Many physical therapy treatments and innovative modalities can treat the symptoms of a physical injury and improve the performance levels of your body. However, experts often consider kinesiotaping as a premier modality to treat muscle injuries. If you are suffering from a muscle injury or would like to maximize your performance level, it can help to understand the benefits of having premier Cheyenne physical therapy services apply kinesiotaping treatment.  

Muscle Support

The best Wyoming physical therapists often use kinesiotaping to provide muscle support for injuries. The kinesio tape is an elastic tape that the therapist will place around your injured muscle. The versatile tape also features diverse shaping options and tension levels, and your therapist can determine which degree of tension would be most conducive for your muscle and which taping patterns would most effectively cover the injured area. The ability for kinesio tape to stabilize the muscle provides many benefits. The increased stability can accelerate the healing process, generate proper blood circulation, and reeducate your neuromuscular system to function correctly and return to healthy homeostasis. Additionally, the support can protect your muscle from incurring strains or blows that would further exacerbate the injury and impair the rehabilitation process.  


The kinesio tape can alsoimprove the range-of-motion for the affected area. This reflects a primary difference between traditional strapping tape and kinesio tape. Strapping tape is tightly wrapped around the injured limb, which diminishes circulation and restricts the range-of-motion for the given area. However, the top Cheyenne physical therapy services can avoid this hazard with kinesiotaping treatments. The elastic material of kinesio tape facilitates uninhibited limb movement, does not restrict the range-of-motion for the affected area, and does not reduce the circulation of blood and oxygen to the injured muscle. These benefits can enable you to remain comfortable, perform daily tasks, and wear the tape for up to a week without needing to remove or replace it.  

Pain Reduction

You can also reduce the pain with kinesiotaping treatments. The stabilizing support can relieve pressure from the area, alleviate the painful throbbing sensation, and protect the muscle from excessive strain. The tape can also decrease the swelling and inflammation from the affected area. Instead, kinesio tape can perpetuate proper circulation rates to reduce the swelling, relieve the discomfort, and distribute oxygen and nutrients to the injured muscle. The ability for the tape to reduce pain can also prevent you from needing to take powerful medications while recovering from the injury.


You can also have premier Wyoming physical therapists implement kinesiotaping methods to improve the performance of your body. Many aspects of kinesiotaping can improve performances levels in professional endeavors or athletic events. For instance, the ability to help you recover from an injury at a faster pace enables you to get off the sidelines and quickly resume your daily routines or physical activities. The tape can also improve the general functioning of your body. The reeducation process teaches your body to use safe and effective movements that can enhance performance levels and prevent future injuries. Furthermore, the tape can also substantially enhance your physical abilities and performance levels by improving the flexibility of your limbs and the strength of your body.

Contact North Platte Physical Therapy to receive kinesiotaping treatments. Our expert staff earned a prestigious reputation by providing superior and customized physical therapy services throughout the Wyoming and Nebraska areas. We can handle any of your physical therapy needs, we use the best treatment modalities on the market, and we would be glad to apply kinesiotaping treatments to help you recover from an injury or to maximize your performance levels.