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Physical Therapy Treatments for Osteoporosis

March 11, 2016

Osteoporosis is a bone disease in which patients harbor thin and brittle bones that render them vulnerable to experience numerous painful and debilitating injuries. Many women develop osteoporosis, including those with a thin frame or who are progressing through the aging process. However, physical therapists can help you treat and overcome the condition. If you or someone you know has developed osteoporosis, it can help to understand the many treatments that Cheyenne physical therapists can provide.


The best Wyoming physical therapists can help you prevent injuries that are often induced by osteoporosis. Weak bones can impair your ability to function properly, inflict you with many bone fracture injuries, and prevent you from performing basic tasks. As a result, the preventative treatments of physical therapy are especially beneficial for osteoporosis patients. The therapy experts can provide advice to help you avoid injuries while maintaining a productive life and fulfilling daily functions. For instance, the professionals can teach you how to use proper body mechanics, rotate your body, and lift objects without straining your spine. The sessions would also substantially improve your balance. The therapists can help you maintain a steady and balanced posture, use proper walking techniques, and avoid falling down while standing or walking. Additionally, therapists can also provide information regarding the safe tasks that you can complete and the risky tasks that you should avoid.


Many types of exercises can also help you overcome the symptoms of osteoporosis. Physical therapy can teach you a diverse range of stretch routines. The stretches can help treat the condition by relieving the pain, rehabilitating past injuries, and by increasing your flexibility to avoid future injuries. Several aerobic, resistance, and spine exercise routines can also help treat osteoporosis. The experts can guide you through exercise routines during the sessions and teach you routines that you can perform at home. The exercises provide many benefits. For instance, exercise routines can help strengthen your bones, build your muscles, and improve your ability to complete tasks without incurring injuries. Each osteoporosis patient requires a different routine that addresses their specific issues. As a result, physical therapy experts can develop and customize exercise routines according to what would be most conducive for your body and most effective for your condition.


Many different modalities performed by the top Wyoming physical therapists can also help you manage your osteoporosis. Massages provide many advantages for patients in a variety of ways. Massages can reduce the pain in the affected areas, increase the circulation of blood and nutrients throughout the body, and accelerate the pace at which injuries heal. Massages can also help you prevent the onset of injuries by removing metabolic waste from your body. Removing toxins can expand the flexibility of your joints, increase the strength of your bones, and improve the health of your body. Additionally, physical therapy experts can also utilize technological device modalities to treat osteoporosis, including ultrasound and interferential current devices. These devices can help treat the condition by stimulating beneficial electrical currents that circulate medical nutrients throughout your body.


Contact North Platte Physical Therapy to receive osteoporosis treatment. Our award-winning staff is proud to provide exceptional and personalized physical therapy treatment throughout Wyoming and Nebraska. We can implement comprehensive treatments to help you rehabilitate from injuries, overcome the symptoms of osteoporosis, and maintain a happy and productive life.