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Physical Therapy Services: Percussive Treatment Benefits

The benefits of physical therapy are numerous, but an understanding of how each treatment program is specifically designed for the patient is one of its most special characteristics. The desired results are specifically targeted toward how an individual adapts to the therapy and ensures all are receiving their best treatment options. Focusing on specific movement patterns, many goals of physical therapy are associated with returning clients to their previous state prior to some type of injury, surgery, or other detrimental diagnosis. Fortunately, these targeted treatment plans are being designed to make the most out of each therapy session in order to help patients achieve their goals.

What is physical therapy? Unfortunately, many individuals don’t understand exactly the capabilities or reasoning behind seeking treatment but there are multiple benefits for patients with all kinds of ailments. The range of treatments also expands considerably depending on the type of injury or a patient’s condition with percussive therapy being one of the most popular options today. This treatment features many positives and should aid in pleasing a client base, especially for those where percussive therapy can assist recovery.

Muscle Strength

One of the most common applications of physical therapy revolves around injury treatment. This capability typically enhances muscular strength and percussive applications are one of the best methods of enhancing these conditions. Increasing blood flow into the muscle, percussive treatments help boost strength within certain areas of the body. 


The enhanced blood flow also aids with stretching muscle fibers and enhancing flexibility within a targeted area. Since each physical therapy treatment session is focused specifically on helping the individual, understanding how flexibility is enhanced through percussive therapy is important to aid patients as needed.


Those who are undergoing some type of recovery may also benefit from percussive therapy, especially since it helps improve blood flow to the targeted area. By specifically focusing on the area in need of recovery, individuals can speed up their return to maneuverability at a targeted, healthy pace.

Pain Reduction

Another significant benefit of percussive therapy is an ability to reduce the pain associated with certain ailments. The repetitive motion and increased blood-oxygen levels helps reduce pain and any other inflammation within the treatment area. This focus on improving treatment not only boosts personal satisfaction, but it also assists in creating a well established foundation for any similar treatments in the future.

If you have suffered an injury or know someone who has chronic pain, could use assistance with mobility issues, or is seeking services for another reason, then consider reaching out to the physical therapy experts at North Platte Physical Therapy, Monument Physical Therapy, Big Country Rehabilitation, and Bear Lodge Rehabilitation today. Offering 18 different locations across Wyoming and Nebraska, our professional staff are ready and willing to help administer and create a personalized plan of action specific to your needs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Available for all of your physical therapy and related offerings, we look forward to meeting you and providing the type of service you can rely on to help improve your overall wellness very soon!