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Physical Therapy Services: Hip Replacement Benefits and Recovery

There are numerous orthopedic physical therapy needs for individuals, especially as they age. While the cause of certain treatments differs from patient to patient, one particular enhancement is typically the result of growing older. Hip replacement is often suggested when an individual suffers from pain, swelling, or a lack of mobility due to the corresponding joint. Similar to knee replacement or a shoulder surgery, often hip replacements are due to the joints wearing out over time. While the function may still be available, padding or cartilage which helps cushion the blow of movement is eventually erased over time. This can have a significant impact on an individual’s quality of life and help often arrives in the form of surgery.

Hip surgery recovery timelines vary by each individual patient, but most can expect to undergo some type of treatment for approximately 10-12 weeks following the procedure. These changes and plans need attention in order to assure a positive road to recovery, which is an important aspect for the health of any patient. Fortunately, the benefits and ability to easily overcome this particular surgery is helpful as subjects prepare their own focus.

Pain Relief

One of the most common reasons individuals undergo hip replacement is due to the pain being caused by their natural joint. There are various reasons why a hip may be causing pain to its owner, but relieving these issues is commonly achieved through surgery.


A lack of strength in the joint may develop over time, but can also be remedied through replacement surgery. Almost immediately following a surgical repairment, subjects are able to support weight and attempt some pre-surgery activities.


The movement of a hip joint is essential in many locomotive activities and is often jeopardized when there are issues present. When repaired, these mobility exercises are often improved and can lead to a return in pre-injury performance.

Quality of Life

A reduction in the quality of life for individuals who suffer with hip issues is apparent due to the abundance of how important the hip joint manages movement. Obviously any detrimental activities are going to negatively impact a person’s ability to properly function in any given environment. Fortunately, modern medicine and surgical advancements have allowed for improved capabilities for those who elect to have hip replacement surgery.


The recovery process from any surgery varies depending on a variety of different components, but those who undergo hip replacement often need extra care. While their ability to walk may return immediately, especially with assistance, the overall process can take months before individuals feel like they did prior to undergoing the knife.

If you or someone you know suffers from hip joint pain issues, needs extra assistance with mobility, or is seeking services for another reason, then consider reaching out to the physical therapy experts at North Platte Physical Therapy, Monument Physical Therapy, Big Country Rehabilitation, and Bear Lodge Rehabilitation today. Offering 18 different locations across Wyoming and Nebraska, our professional staff are ready and willing to help administer and create a personalized plan of action specific to your needs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Available for all of your physical therapy and related offerings, we look forward to meeting you and providing the type of service you can rely on to help improve your overall wellness very soon!