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Neck Pain Problems

There are multiple benefits to physical therapy and one of the most common ailments many people treat is neck pain. These issues cause suffering which is not matched by many other common problems throughout the body. For example, neck pain often leads to severe headaches while sending reminders of its existence each and every time someone makes any type of move. In order to deal with this predicament, physical therapy services aid in offering relief to get individuals back on track as quickly as possible.

According to the Mayo Clinic, approximately half of all people will experience a neck pain issue which warrants some form of treatment over their lifetime. With this being such a broad, problematic situation, understanding both the assistance available and types of pain is important. For many, physical therapy treatments help in getting relief from all different forms of neck pain problems.

Facet Dysfunction

The scientific name for a simple crick in your neck, many people wake with these types of issues from a rough night's sleep. Depending on how or where you fell asleep, the resulting neck pain is likely from staying in an uncomfortable position for a majority of the night. While these problems often heal on their own over time, there are certain situations where physical therapy or some other treatment may be necessary.


Experiencing tingling in the extremities is sometimes the result of a neck issue. With a bundle of nerves around the head and neck area, any numbness or tingling throughout the body could originate from this position.

Chronic Headaches

Chronic headaches often result from constant neck pain and should be dealt with accordingly. Instead of battling these issues with over-the-counter medicines, physical therapy applied to the neck area could assist in offering some relief from these painful symptoms.


Another pain problem resulting from neck issues is dizziness. Feeling disoriented or having intermittent dizzy spells could be a potential neck issue. Depending on the onset of these symptoms and any related activities or issues, neck pain may be the root cause of this problem. Targeting the area with a personally designed physical therapy plan will assist in generating relief.

Degenerative Disc/Joint Disease

Depending on your lifestyle and/or genetics, the onset of degenerative disk or joint disease could also be related to neck pain problems. Targeting this area of the body with certain maneuvers and procedures could alleviate some of the resulting pain issues and help patients with their recovery efforts.

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