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Physical Therapy Services: Three Important First Visit Considerations

People across the country make visits to see their physical therapist each and every day. For many, these services provide relief and capabilities of a return to normal functionality on the targeted body part or painful area. Whether the deficit occurred through injury, age, or accident, physical therapy services offer beneficial options for helping patients recover or remove the pain entirely. A significant perk for all clientele is the program being implemented is designed specifically for each separate person, to focus on their precise needs and help speed up the recovery process. These factors make a significant difference, but there are also important items to consider before making a very first visit.

Direct access laws allow for individuals to seek physical therapy treatments without first visiting their primary care physician. While there are many people who are still referred to a therapist for treatment, if you feel the need for care or have certain questions about how treatment may help then the door is open. However, there are still a few actions to be taken in order to prepare for a successful initial appearance. 

Check Your Symptoms

Before arrival, individuals should prepare for their visit by checking symptoms, their persistence, pain levels, and impacts to ensure a doctor’s visit or medical emergency shouldn’t be triggered. Once determined a physical therapist may be able to assist, then a call should be placed. Patients need to also record their symptoms over time and provide specifics about how any pain or numbness is impacting their lifestyle.

Dress Accordingly

Patients should also consider their clothing when headed into the office for a visit. Often, sessions will require movement or access to the area being addressed. For example, jeans and long pants should be avoided for those patrons seeking physical therapy on a knee injury. 

Honest Communication

A third key element to a successful first visit is to be open and honest with how you are feeling and what causes the pain or discomfort. Holding back doesn’t help your therapist as they mold a personalized plan of action and will ultimately only delay your healing. By being up front with details and following through with any prescribed home activities, patients can establish the foundation for a quality and trusted relationship with their therapists.

If you have suffered an injury or know someone who has chronic pain, could use assistance with mobility issues, or is seeking services for another reason, then consider reaching out to the physical therapy experts at North Platte Physical Therapy, Monument Physical Therapy, Big Country Rehabilitation, and Bear Lodge Rehabilitation today. Offering 18 different locations across Wyoming and Nebraska, our professional staff are ready and willing to help administer and create a personalized plan of action specific to your needs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Available for all of your physical therapy and related offerings, we look forward to meeting you and providing the type of service you can rely on to help improve your overall wellness very soon!