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Suspension Training Exercises for Baseball Players

April 14, 2022

Baseball players go through a lot of training in the off season, as well as during the season, and for good reason. Baseball players need the perfect mix of strength, power, mobility, and speed to be able to play day in and day out for months on end. Think about all of the muscles are used to swing a bat or throw a pitch. Seems simple, but these muscles need intense training to avoid injury and be able to play their best. 

Suspension training is one of the best ways to fine tune your muscles for baseball. You can mimic swinging a bat, throwing a pitch, and work on your core. When you can train using similar movement patterns, your results will be outstanding and keep you injury free. Below are three key suspension training exercises for baseball players that keep them in tip top shape year round. 

Suspended Planks

Baseball players can have the biggest biceps or train their legs like no other, but if they don’t have a strong core they won’t be able to perform their best. Having a strong core is where it all starts. To perform a suspended plank, put your feet in the Redcord cables so they’re suspended off the ground. Get into plank position and hold that for as long as your trainer says. Planks work the shoulders, core, and trunk, and a suspended plank also works the glutes. Practicing your plank work is key for a solid foundation. 

Baseball Swings

In order to perform consistently every day, baseball players need to work on their swing by following the same routine and movement. Afterall, a baseball swing is a very violent movement for your body, activating muscles in your arms, core, and legs. 

By using a Redcord suspension training system, you can practice your baseball swing and get it to where you need to be. With the assistance of the system, simply perform your swing repeatedly to practice your swing. Consistent movements will strengthen your back and shoulder muscles while stimulating your full swing.  

Practicing your swing with Redcord helps prevent injuries and builds up your performance. Remember, it’s all about the core - so build up that first so you reduce some of the stress placed on you body by the motion of the swing. You can also increase your hitting power with these four exercises. 

Suspended Rows

Having a strong core is important, but so is having a strong back so you can prevent injury with daily baseball swings and pitches. Regular, weighted rows are a great way to build muscle mass but doing a row off of a suspension trainer makes it ten times more effective. Not only will you work your back and shoulders, you’ll also feel this in your glutes and core. To really activate your core, you can perform suspended rows on an uneven surface. 

By utilizing suspension training, you can enhance your body’s ability to play baseball like the pros. Baseball is a tough sport, but you can prevent injuries by utilizing our Redcord system. You can learn more about using Redcord training for recovery and prevention. At North Platte Physical Therapy, we can help you recover or avoid an injury. Contact us today to get started!