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Your Trusted Wyoming Physical Therapy Team Shares the Most Common Winter Injuries Gillette Homeowners Face

February 25, 2021

Winter weather has a tendency to stick around in Gillette, WY. And that means winter-related injuries happen all the time. Even minor injuries can leave you facing a long road to recovery if you’re not careful. Though physical therapy treatment will help you speed your recovery, it’s far better to avoid needing physical therapy services in the first place. The best place to start is by familiarizing yourself with the most common types of injuries Gillette residents face and what you need to do to avoid them yourself.

Lower Back Strain

Shoveling snow is a must, especially if you live in a neighborhood with an HOA that loves to hand out fines. Unfortunately, shoveling the often-heavy powder so common to Wyoming winters can be incredibly challenging. When you’re in a hurry and trying to move several inches of that thick powder as fast as possible, it’s easy to push yourself too hard, too quickly and pull the muscles in your lower back. Unfortunately, recovering from even minor strain can take a few weeks assuming you don’t reinjure the area. Instead of rushing, try to take your time when shoveling. Lift with your knees rather than your back or switch to a snowblower so you’re not having to maneuver all that weight. 

Slip and Fall Accidents

Icy walkways are never fun to walk on but if the ice is slick enough, they can cause you to fall, leading to serious muscle strain at best and severe bruising or sprains at worst. Though it’s impossible to completely prevent these injuries, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for success. If you know you’ll be walking on ice, wear a pair of ice grips on the bottoms of your shoes to give you added traction. If you know there are specific areas around your property that get icier than others, spread ice melt as needed to keep the buildup at bay. This will reduce your risk of slipping and falling after every storm.

Winter Sports Accidents

If you have kids, you know that there are few things they enjoy more in the winter than sledding. While they may be able to bounce back up after taking a tumble, you may not be as lucky. If you’re worried about your ability to withstand impacts from sledding, it may be best to supervise your kids without participating. However, if you decide to get on the sled, wear enough layers to act as a form of padding to absorb the shock of the fall. Stretch your muscles and walk around for a few minutes before you go zooming down the hill. This way, you’ll be warmed up, more flexible, and better able to avoid getting hurt in the first place.

Avoiding These Injuries Is Possible

These are just a few of the most common injuries people face in the wintertime. Do what you can to avoid them and you’ll be in better shape all winter long. If you do get injured and need help recovering from those injuries, contact our team as soon as possible.