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The Most Common Holiday Injuries Wyoming Physical Therapy Experts Want You to Avoid

November 20, 2020

The holidays are just around the corner and that means it’s time to start thinking about making your home look as festive as you want it to feel. Though the holiday season is a time for joy and celebration, it’s also a time for unexpected injuries that leave you searching the internet for “physical therapy services near me.” The best thing you can do is find ways to avoid those common injuries but before you can, you need to know what those injuries are. Here are a few of the most common issues your physical therapy team wants you to avoid at all costs.

Decorating Accidents

Every winter, hundreds of people get injured while decorating their homes and most of those accidents happen when decorators fall off of ladders. Even falls off of step stools can lead to serious injuries that force you to undergo months of physical therapy and recovery to regain your mobility. The best thing you can do is always decorate with a partner. Have someone holding the ladder anytime you have a foot on a rung. If you feel uncomfortable using ladders yourself, hire someone to help you decorate your home. This way, you’ll stay safe and reduce your risk of falling right before the holiday season is in full swing.

Slipping on Ice

Winter weather makes the world feel more festive, but it also puts you at risk for serious falls. Slipping on ice can lead to anything from minor bruising to broken bones. Luckily, these incidents are easy to prevent. Stay on top of your shoveling efforts and invest in the right type of ice melt for your property. The ice melt will help you prevent ice buildup if spread before storms and encourages faster melting if applied after you shovel. The clearer you can keep your walkway, front porch, and driveway, the safer you’ll be.

Broken Bones From Dropped Turkeys

Believe it or not, dozens of people get hurt by dropping frozen turkeys on their feet as they’re getting ready to make dinner for the family. Though it’s impossible to completely prevent these drops, there are a few things you can do to reduce your risk. Wear shoes anytime you’re working in the kitchen to protect the fragile bones on the top of your foot. If you can, store the frozen turkey on a lower shelf in your fridge or freezer so it won’t generate as much force if you drop it while taking the bird out.

Avoid These Common Injuries Yourself

These are just a few of the most common holiday season injuries you can and should avoid this winter. Do what you can to keep yourself safe and always take your time whether you’re cooking, shoveling, or decorating your home. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, ask for help. When you work together with your family, you’ll make the tasks easier, safer, and, hopefully, more fun. If you do get injured, don’t leave your recovery to chance. Schedule an appointment at the nearest location.