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Start the School Year Right with a Visit to Casper Physical Therapy

September 12, 2018

The fall school year is upon us, which means many activities for children. Do you have a child starting school this year? Their physical safety and form while playing sports and activities is important. On top of your annual physical, schedule a visit to your local Casper physical therapy office. This will help ensure your student is fit to perform. It will also help them understand important motions to avoid injuries.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Most people associate physical therapy with an injury. While important for recovery, physical therapy is beneficial on a multitude of levels. A main benefit is mobility. During a child’s formative years, they may improperly learn certain movements. This can lead to injury and other issues down the road. A premier physical therapist will identify these improper movements. From there, they will teach your child to prevent future problems. Physical therapy can also help your child to be stronger, too. This can be achieved through work with various muscle areas. This will help them through sports, everyday life, and more.

Avoiding Sports Injuries

Using a go-to physical therapist will help your student avoid sports injuries. This is ideal throughout the year for safety. In fact, therapy will help them perform better in the sport. How? Through one-on-one training, a top physical therapist will guide your student. This will help them to break bad form and habits and move forward properly. Not only does this help to prevent injuries but makes them a better athlete too. If your student doesn't play a specific sport, physical therapy will still help. Children are active in gym and other activities, making physical therapy helpful.

Injury Recovery

Has your child sustained an injury or is taking longer to recover? It is crucial to see a physical therapist as soon as possible.  Many do not heal from an issue, leading to lifelong problems. These problems worsen if they continue to make the same mistakes in their movements. The plan with a physical therapist is simple. Through a series of customized exercises, your physical therapist will help strengthen injuries. They will also create a plan for your child to have a full recovery. You can count on your physical therapist to teach your child about pain. Specifically, they will discuss uncomfortable pain and detrimental pain. The two are often confused, making now the perfect time to learn, as these two are often confused. You can explore more about physical therapy for your child or teen to understand its importance.

As you search for a quality physical therapist near you, trust the experts at North Platte Physical Therapy. Pediatric therapy is one of our many strengths, working to improve mobility, strength, range of motion, motor skill training, and more. In addition, we also work with children that have motor impairments such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, development issues, toe walking, and more. With several physical therapy office locations in Wyoming and northwest Nebraska, you can be sure to find one of our locations in an area convenient for your family. Contact us today to schedule your child’s appointment.