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Visiting You Physical Therapist for Your Child's Sports

August 29, 2018

Fall is just around the corner which means it is an important time of year: sports! As a new school year begins, you and your child will begin to prepare for any sports they would like to play during the school year. Along with sports comes physicals. In many cases required, a sports physical will ensure whether or not a specific sport is safe for your child to participate in. Learn more about the top benefits of sports physicals, difference between a physical and typical wellness exam and go-to reasons your child should see a physical therapist for all sports-related needs.

Benefits of a sports physical

It is best to get a sports physical for your child every year, even if not required by the school. Why? First, it is helpful for parents to understand where their child is in their growth and development. They will look at their height and weight—and ensure they have a normal blood pressure. They will also then go through a normal assessment to ensure the lungs, neck, throat, heart and other areas are in healthy shape. This will confirm that the child can safely play sports. If there are any concerns, your doctor can create a personalized plan to help your child be healthy for the sport they would like to play. Depending on the diagnosis, your doctor can fill out any required forms to submit to your school’s athletic department.

Difference between physical and wellness exam

While there are many elements within a wellness exam and sports physical that are similar, it is important that you continue to have your child receive each of these separately.
  • Wellness Exam: The wellness exam is an extensive overview of all aspects to ensure your child is healthy. Not only will the cover heart, weight and blood pressure, but will also evaluate where they are in their developmental growth. In addition, they will administer any vaccines required, discuss sleep, eating habits and nutritional goals, and much more.
  • Sports Physical: A sports physical will only focus on the areas that will impact their ability to play a sport. This includes an evaluation of their bones and strength, to ensure they can handle the sport they would like to play.

Reasons your child should see a physical therapist

In addition to seeing your primary care physician for your child’s annual physical, seeing a local physical therapist is important too. A premier physical therapist will cover physical therapy basics to help your child understand the proper form for the sports they play, which can prevent injuries in the future. If your child does have any issues that are problematic for activity, they will create a plan.

When it comes to seeing a physical therapist to help your student this school year, North Platte Physical Therapy has a variety of quality pediatric therapy services. Not only will we ensure they are safe to play their sports but can also help with any developmental issues. The sooner you can begin working with a physical therapist, the better. Contact us today to schedule your child’s appointment.