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Your Posture: A Gillette WY Physical Therapist Sets the Record “Straight” With These Tips

July 18, 2018

Did you hear the words “stand up straight” frequently when you were a child? If you heard this over and over, it might have sounded like maternal nagging when your mother said that to you, but she knew what she was talking about. Good posture is an essential part of good health. Because so few people truly grasp the importance of good posture, your Gillette WY physical therapist takes some time in this article to discuss the necessity of good posture.

What Exactly Is Posture?

Your posture refers to the way you hold your body while you are standing or sitting. Having good posture means that your body is aligned properly against gravity. We don’t consciously maintain posture, but our muscles do it for us. The hamstrings and large muscles in the back are vital for maintaining good posture.

Why Is Good Posture Important?

When we have good posture, we put less strain on our muscles and ligaments. In addition, correct posture means:
  • Muscles are used correctly so joints are not subject to undue wear.
  • Ligaments are less stressed so injury is less likely.
  • Muscles work more efficiently, meaning there is less muscle fatigue.
  • We are less likely to suffer from strains and pains.
You can read more on the importance of good posture from the educators at Harvard Medical School in this article, Why Good Posture Matters.

What Happens When Posture Is Poor?

When you repeatedly have bad posture, this leads to excessive strain on your muscles. This will subject you to an increased risk of injury as well as back pain.

What Contributes to Bad Posture?

Sometimes people work in an environment that leads to bad posture, especially those who have to sit or stand for long hours. Some people just have abnormally tight muscles. Other poor posture contributors include stress, pregnancy, obesity, and high-heeled shoes.

Can Poor Posture Be Corrected?

Yes, it can be corrected but it is not always an easy process. Having awareness about your posture and standing up straight like your mother recommended will help. 

If your posture is causing problems in your life, you should consider getting professional help such as that of a physical therapist. Physical therapy can help correct poor posture by working with you on strengthening the muscles that are causing your poor posture. Physical therapy can also help you increase flexibility, which can help to reduce the strain your poor posture is having on your spine.

If you decide to go to physical therapy to improve your posture, take a look at this list to help streamline your first visit.

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