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Get An Early Start on New Year's Weight Loss with Physical Therapy in Cheyenne, WY

December 13, 2017

One of the top resolutions for a new year is weight loss. Did you know by February, many individuals fall off track? One of the best weight loss strategies is to start early throughout the holiday season. This will help you gain momentum and start the new year strong. From top goal setting techniques and making better food strategies, to using premier physical therapy in Wheatland, WY and all our other locations, learn how you can get an early start on your goals.

Goal Setting Tips

Whether this is your first year of having a weight loss goal, or you are trying again, you must set realistic goals. When you set high goals that float out there, they may seem impossible to reach. This will reduce your probability to actually lose the weight and you’ll find yourself in the same place next December.
  • Determine a Healthy Amount to Lose: Ultimately, you should work with your doctor and local physical therapist on the right amount you need to lose for your health. One way to help is to calculate your body mass index (BMI). A normal BMI ranges from 18.5 to 24.9.  
  • Set Milestones: Chunk out your large overall goal into small milestones. On average, it is healthy for adults to lose one to two pounds per week without feeling completely restricted. Do not choose a plan with unrealistic milestones that are very restrictive. You need to have a plan that you can sustain long term.
  • Meal and Fitness Planning: To aid you with your health goals, create meal plans as well as an exercise road map. You are more likely to succeed when you have these plans in place. Be sure to add in contingency plans for pop up events.

Making Better Food Choices

The quality of the food you eat makes a difference with your weight loss goals. Each person is different, and will lose better based on their body. It is important for you to find the method that works best for you.

Ultimately, foods that are high in sugar or bad carbohydrates will slow or hinder your progress. You want to make your diet rich with protein, vegetables, and healthy fats. These foods don’t have to be boring! Create recipe swaps of your favorite foods with healthier alternatives, such as mashed cauliflower or broccoli tots. You need to enjoy the food you’re eating to continue with your success.

Working with a Physical Therapist

While the food choices you make are the most important part of your weight loss plan, you need to exercise. The American Heart Association recommends adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week.

Similar to food, you must activities that you enjoy. A great way to find what works for you is to work with a local physical therapist. In addition, they will help you perfect your form to avoid injury. Your physical therapist can also help you create go-to nutritional plans and strategies, allowing you to come to one place for your entire plan.

When it comes to your weight loss journey and physical therapy in WY, North Platte Physical Therapy will help you reach your goals. Our experienced staff will help you create a realistic food and exercise plan that works for you, and assist with exercises. You won’t be disappointed one year from now when we’ve help you meet your goals! Contact us today to get an early start.