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Your Weight Loss Journey and Physical Therapy in Cheyenne, WY

Almost 100 million Americans are considered overweight and it is never a journey to go alone. It often is never as simple as eating right and exercising, especially when your body adjusts to a certain weight or you have health issues that make it difficult to lose. The journey to live a healthier lifestyle is not one to go alone and you can definitely work with Cheyenne, WY physical therapy to help. Here are the top tips to get started and when you may need to turn to a physical therapist to make exercise easier. 
  1. Mindset: Getting you mind in the right place to being a weight loss journey is the best way to get started. It may be one of the most important things you do. Many people are overwhelmed and think they must drastically cut calories and have intense workouts, when in fact, if you aren’t eating enough for your body, it could lead the weight to stay. When beginning your weight loss journey, start small. Determine small changes you can make and work on them, even if it is just one thing at a time. Maybe you are a heavy soda drinker and you make the transition to diet soda or water. Or perhaps you make the effort to walk each day for 30 minutes. When you try to overwhelm yourself and do too much at once out of your comfort zone, you increase your chances of giving up and gaining more weight back.
  2. Nutritional Counseling: One of the great things about working with a local physical therapist on your weight loss journey is personalized nutritional counseling. They will help you change your habits and create plans that will work for your lifestyle. These healthier food choices will take in consideration your medical history, exercise levels and all other lifestyle habits. This will help you to stay on track and have the accountability and support you need.
  3. Physical Therapy: Incorporating physical therapy into your weight loss routine will help you define what your physical abilities are and will help you get to where you want to be. After taking into consideration your BMI (body mass index) and your measurements, your physical therapist can help you find the exercise that you can handle. Joint pain, current exercise, medical history and any ailments will be taken into consideration. From there, you will have help in a variety of ways from being on a cardiovascular or strength training program, to learning proper conditioning and stretching techniques to strengthen the quality of your muscles. Pool therapy is another technique used in physical therapy that is much easier and less impactful on your joints and can be a successful way to help you lose weight. This method is great as it puts less stress on your body and also may help reduce swelling to encourage muscle strengthening.
If you are ready to see how a physical therapist in Cheyenne, WY can help you, North Platte Physical Therapy can help! We are your go-to premier physical therapy solution with a variety of options to help you lose weight. Learn more about our obesity and weight management solutions and fill out a contact form to get your weight loss journey started!