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Physical Therapy Tip: Most Common Football Injuries

November 1, 2017

Participating in sports of any kind comes with many inherent risks as players take a chance on getting injured every time they step onto the field or playing surface. However, even knowing the possibility to sustain an injury exists, player’s often block out those thoughts during the course of practices and games.

One of the more higher risk activities is american football. While players at every age level are properly protected with pads and helmets the sheer evolution of the sport raises the injury probabilities.

The speed and physicality of football make it entertaining in addition to being an attractive outlet for certain individuals. Despite coaches best intentions and willingness to properly teach tackling techniques and safety, injuries are going to happen.

During both practice and games players at any level from Pop Warner to high school and college through the professional ranks of the NFL are subject to a wide variety of injuries associated with the sport.

Following are some of the more common occurrences.


A hot topic of late at the professional level, findings of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) in 110 of 111 deceased football players brains raises considerable red flags about the effect of repeated head trauma.

New technology and modifications to helmets are continuously being developed in order to help lower the risk for all players. Extensive research regarding the impact of concussions and treatment methods are picking up across the country.


Another common injury for football players involves damage to their joints. Knee injuries are the most common as players are subject to tears of the meniscus and ligaments surrounding the knee. Each of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments are subject to damage in addition to the medial collateral ligament.

Further, both ankles and shoulders are also highlighted due to the collisions between players and those trying to avoid such hits.


Depending on the position played lower back pain is often a side effect of repetitive motions practiced trying to learn specific plays. Both offensive and defensive linemen are extremely vulnerable due solely to the nature of their position.

Quarterbacks can also experience back pain, especially when being tackled from behind. Standing at an upright position and being figuratively cut in half by an opposing defender via a direct hit on the lower back can cause serious damage.

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