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Tips to Improve Bike Riding and Using Physical Therapy

September 27, 2017

If you are an avid bike rider, be it on the streets or in the mountains, you know that anything you can do to improve yourself or skills helps your overall efficiency. Even if you are new to the activity, it is best to be in proper form. Sometimes it just takes a quick check of habits to ensure you are using quality form. From proper form and safety tips, to benefits of local Casper physical therapy and all other locations, use these tips to make sure you are improving your biking skills.

Proper Form

When riding a bike, you should not be in pain. Make sure your bike is in proper position that fits your size and body type. Make sure your seat position is comfortable to you, and when you are pedaling, you always have your legs at a slight bend. You never want to have to fully extend your legs when pedaling. For your handle bars, you will want to stay in an upright, slanted position. When your handlebars are too low, or your seat is too high, it can cause strain on your back. If at any point you find a certain area in pain, it is time to make adjustments. Read Bicycling’s fine tune your bike fit for common problems and solutions to fix them.

Safety Tips

Each year, there are hundreds of thousands of bicyclists injured. Many of these are hit by cars. You need to remember go-to safety tips to ensure you are safe wherever you ride your bike. First and foremost, wear a helmet and stay aware of your surroundings. Do not focus on the ground when riding. If riding a bike down a street, do not ride against the flow of traffic. Know that you also have to abide by all rules that motorists also have to use. This also includes using hand signals to inform motorists or other cyclists of turns, stops, and other things while riding. If turning right in front of a vehicle, signal to the driver that you will be turning. If they do not see you, swing out to the left and slow down or stop before you cross. When riding at night, make sure you have protective reflective gear and lights on your bike.

Help and Using Physical Therapy

Did you know that using premier physical therapy is one of the top ways athletes and cyclists perfect their form? You can work with a physical therapist in a variety of ways to help you become a better rider. From setting up on a bike to finding the perfect fit for you, learn the tips and tricks to maintain proper form, working with a physical therapist will help you to avoid injury.

For a physical therapist that will help you become a better bicyclist, North Platte Physical Therapy can help. Our team of sports medicine experts will help you every step of the way to ensure you do not sustain injuries. To set up a location at an office near you, contact us today.