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Ways Physical Therapy in Hulett, WY and All Other Locations Can Help with Return to Work Screening

August 16, 2017

Each year almost four million Americans are injured on the job. Upon sustaining an injury, many are unable to go back to work right away, or in extreme cases, ever. There is a requirement to make sure you are fully recovered and are able to do quality work again upon using workers’ compensation or by your employer’s request. If you fall under this category, there will be some things to know along the way of your recovery journey. Learn more about the top workplace injuries, best ways to rehabilitate after an accident, and more about your return to work screening from physical therapy in Cheyenne, WY.

Top Workplace Injuries

In the most common types of accidents that happen in the workplace, machine equipment is one of the leading sources of injury. It can be from user error or a mechanical issue that leads to issues. Makes sure to always use protective gear and know proper safety protocol. Next, another leader are accidents behind the wheel. In some areas, whether it be a warehouse or construction site, items that fall can lead to injuries. Wearing a hardhat when required is crucial. For others, many workers pull or tear muscles, hurt their back and more all from strenuous activity. If you have a position that requires manual labor, it is beneficial to work with a physical therapist to learn proper form to avoid workplace injuries. Read the commonly used statistics from the United States Department of Labor for more.

Rehabilitating Post-Accident

Unfortunately, many sustain work injuries each year. While an accident, it is important to take any injury seriously and work to rehabilitate. Some injuries will require you to work with a physical therapist, while others do not. Regardless, is it beneficial to look into local physical therapy to help you understand how an injury happened and ways to prevent it in the future. Physical therapy will also help you recover properly. To help you rehabilitate, you will regain better mobility and flexibility and learn proper techniques.

Return to Work Screening

Upon sustaining a work injury, many are required to be cleared by a physician before they are able to go back to work. This is also known as return to work screening. In order to go back, you must be proper shape to go back to your normal tasks. This may also be necessary if the conditions of a workplace have changed, a new or existing medical issue has become worse or if an injury may keep one from working properly. A return to work screen is usually required by an employer and will lay out all of the conditions of the assessment.

When it comes to helping you train for the job you have, recover for an injury, or get assistance with back-to-work screening, North Platte Physical Therapy can help. Our premier services will help you with any injury to make sure you are in premier shape to get back to work. All of our locations will assist you with pre-work screens and return to work testing. In addition, if you are an employer, you can reach out to us to see how we can help with all of your testing. Learn how we can assist with work injuries and contact us today to get started.