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Benefits of Cupping Therapy from Physical Therapy Experts

August 2, 2017

During the last summer Olympics, many notices large, round red circles on athletes--particularly swimmers. While this is a form of therapy that goes back thousands of years, it’s gained more exposure in the public eye within the last few years. It is especially common with athletes but can be a helpful for anyone looking to reduce pain. Get the go-to ins and outs of cupping, the top types of ways athletes that benefit from this form of therapy, and some of the best ways athletes can take advantage of physical therapy to reduce pain or become a better athlete.

What is Cupping?

Cupping if a form of therapy that is based in traditional Chinese medicine and dates back thousands of years. Its goal is to increase the amount of blood flow in an areas by using suction cups in specific areas. It brings blood near the top of the skin and has been said to create better blood circulation in the area. For many, it has help speed up the healing process after an injury. In addition, it has been used to treat inflammation and chronic pain A cup, made out of glass, bamboo or silicone, for a few minutes. Cupping has two methods: Fixed and moved. For fixed, a therapist will only be placed in specific areas for the duration of treatment. For moved cupping, they will apply cream on your skin and use them in a massage-like motion.

Athletes and Cupping

Athletes have praised their results with cupping. When CNN talked to athletes for the Olympic Games 2016, swimmers in particular were happy with its ability to recover quickly. In addition, they mentioned it was a great way to stimulate muscles, which can be great for any athlete in any sport. When there is tension in the muscles, it can poorly affect one’s performance. For many athletes, sore muscles can be common, which cupping is also one of the premier ways to alleviate and restore quality.  

Other Ways Physical Therapy Helps Athletes

In addition to cupping, athletes can benefit from physical therapy. It is extremely crucial post-injury to work with a physical therapist. Often times, if an athlete does not train and re-learn with their muscles properly, you can develop incorrect form leading to a re-occurrence of an injury or make the injured area much worse. Through various types of exercises, stretching, and other techniques, the area will be worked with to get back to their full potential. But physical therapy is not just for athletes who have sustained an injury. By working with a physical therapist, you can enhance your form for the sport(s) you play and become a better athlete.

As an athlete, make sure you familiarize yourself with the most common sports injuries that require physical therapy. Then whether you are looking for ways to avoid these injuries, become a better athlete or need help recovering, North Platte Physical Therapy is your local physical therapist that is here to help in the Wyoming or Nebraska regions. Contact us today to see how we can help you!