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Rotator Cuff Surgery and Using Physical Therapy in Casper and All Other Locations to Recover

July 5, 2017

The rotator cuff is an area of muscles and tendons. They house the shoulder joint and keep the area in line. Over time, due to certain consistent movements or an impact, a rotator cuff injury can occur. Rotator cuff injuries can be painful and it is best to work with your doctor on the issue, as well as physical therapy in Casper and all other locations. Learn more about rotator cuff injuries, top things to expect for surgery and the recovery process with physical therapy.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Millions of Americans each year suffer from a rotator cuff injury. What is this type of injury? The shoulder socket is kept together all thanks to your rotator cuff. When the muscles or tendons in this area become damaged or are disconnected from your bone, it can be painful. There can be a mix of types of pain from issues moving your arm in any direction or fluid that gathers in the area leading to inflammation. Due to this pain, day-to-day activities become difficult. When there are tears, some are partial while for others, the muscle completely disconnects. Anyone that uses their shoulder through the same motions on a regular basis, does not get good blood supply to the area or suffers from bone spurs is subject to a rotator cuff injury.

What to Expect for Surgery

While not all rotator cuff injuries require surgery, there are a few types that will require it. During rotator cuff repair, WebMD explains surgery will remove loose fragments of a tendon or other debris in the shoulder area, will increase the amount of space for your rotator cuff so it is no longer pinched or irritated, and will sew up torn edges. In many cases, they can perform the surgery using a small tube and camera, which aids in a speedy recovery. However, in certain circumstances, open shoulder surgery will be needed.

Recovery and Physical Therapy

Post-shoulder surgery, the area will be sore and tender. However, by implementing a quality plan with a premier physical therapist is crucial for a full recovery. You will get started soon after you wake up from surgery to start utilizing the muscles in your hand and arm. From there, your local physical therapist will reintroduce a variety of exercises to help you regain full range of motion with your arms and shoulder. Depending on your recovery, you might work with them for up to eight weeks to ensure you get back to normal, or in some instances, better than ever!
If you have sustained a shoulder injury and need help recovering, North Platte Physical Therapy is your go-to physical therapist to help you along the way. Learn more about the different types of orthopedic injuries and services we offer, including injuries to your rotator cuff, and know we are there during your recovery from surgery. Our staff knows the best techniques to help you recover quickly to allow you to get back to your normal routine. Contact us today to see how we can help you.