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How Cheyenne, WY Physical Therapy Can Help with Post Cancer Treatment

May 3, 2017

After you have finished cancer treatment, you will be on the road of recovery. While you have looked forward to this stage of our treatment since day one, there is still work to be done. However, there are quality resources available to help manage pain and help you through this stage. Learn what to expect after your treatment, top tips for recovery and how to incorporate premier Cheynne, WY physical therapy.

What to Expect After Your Treatment

Once you have finished your treatments for cancer, you are on the road to recovery. However, it will take time to get back to your normal self. You can work with your doctor to make sure the way that you feel is normal, but there are many common symptoms that people feel during this stage. One of the top symptoms is fatigue. You may feel drained and out of energy as your body is working to recover. Work on making sure you consume healthy foods and have a good diet to help you while you are on the mend. Others may experience lymphedema, which is a swelling of an area where lymph fluid has built due to your treatment. It is best to discuss this with your doctor on ways to treat. There may also be general pain as well for a variety of reasons depending on the different types of treatment you have had. A variety of medicine, plus proper nutrition, can help with these. Learn more about caring for your body after treatment.


In order to recover quickly, it is crucial to care for your body during this time. Even when it’s hard to move or function, pushing yourself will help you recover more quickly. First, make an effort to exercise, even it if it is walking a little outside. You don’t need to focus on hardcore workouts at the gym, just work to build your strength up. Next, make sure you are you eating a proper diet. Work to incorporate vegetables, protein and healthy carbohydrates in with each meal. In addition, eating fats are important as well. This can be from things such as nuts or avocado. Protein is also very important, you just want to make sure you focus on lean meats, fish, poultry and other healthy proteins.

How to Incorporate Physical Therapy

There are many ways a physical therapist can help with your post-treatment recovery. As you work to regain strength and begin to become more active, they can help teach a variety of exercises and training to help you regain your strength. Also, if you are experiencing lymphedema, they can help create a plan for your to help those fluids in the areas drain.

As you are recovering from your cancer treatment, North Platte Physical Therapy if your local physical therapist that can help. Our go-to post cancer treatments range from caring for lymphedema to helping to increase your energy levels and get you back to regaining strength for day to day activities. Contact us today to see how we can help you or a loved one.