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Have Neck Pain? Symptoms to Watch and How Nebraska Physical Therapy Can Help

April 12, 2017

Are you one of the over 60 percent of Americans dealing with neck pain? Neck pain can be a painful condition that leads to many other issues and symptoms that you may not have even realized stemmed from your neck. However, you do have options to help ease symptoms and potentially cure some of your top issues for a better quality of life. Learn what neck pain is, signs and symptoms to watch out for and how physical therapy in Nebraska can help you recover.

Overview and causes

For many, pain in the neck region can start small and gradually get worse over time. In fact, according to the American Osteopathic Association’s Chronic Neck Pain, neck pain is the third highest reason for chronic pain. For many, it could have stemmed from an injury or wrong movement, and if not cared for over time, worsens. Poor posture, improper lifting techniques at the gym, odd movements, torn muscles or ligaments and more are some of the leading causes the American Osteopathic Association says leads to neck pain.

Signs, Symptoms and Common Issues

While pain in the neck area is one of the go-to signs of an issue, there are many other issues that can occur that stem down from neck pain and injuries. Neck pain sufferers may experience frequent headaches, dizziness, issues picking things up, numbness in the arm and various types of pain such as quick, sharp pains, overall soreness or a burning sensation. For many, their neck pain is due to degenerative disease, a herniated, bulging or ruptured disc, cervical fusion or cervical laminectomy/discectomy. Each of these things should not be ignored and treated by a local physician and physical therapist.

Treatment and How a Physical Therapist Can Help

As a neck pain sufferer, it is best to self-care in addition to what your doctor has told you for treatment. Make sure you always maintain good posture, avoid activities that lead you to lean your neck to one side for long periods of time and take an anti-inflammatory medication. Applying heat or cold to your injury can also help, and varies from person to person. You can test out on your own to see what helps or work with your doctor or a physical therapist to see which of the two is better for you. Last, working with a physical therapist can help. Learn more about physical therapy treatments for neck pain from your premier physical therapist in Nebraska.

If you live with chronic neck pain, or have recently sustained an injury that has led to neck pain, help is available. When it comes to any of your neck pain issues, North Platte Physical Therapy is your local therapy group. With over 22 offices, you are sure to find one near you to help you overcome your neck injury. We will support you with a customized plan to get you on your way to recovery. Don’t live with chronic neck pain any longer! To get started, contact North Platte Physical Therapy today and discuss with us your issues.