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Direct Access States for Physical Therapy in Casper, WY

December 5, 2018

Are you interested in physical therapy in Casper, WY or Nebraska, but haven’t because of a need for a referral from a doctor? There is good news for you—you may not need one! With “direct access,” you may not need a referral from a physician for premier physical therapy. With accessibility, you are able to get the care you need from a provider that best fits your needs. Learn more about direct access laws in Wyoming and how you can proceed with receiving quality physical therapy. 

What is Direct Access? 

When it comes to direct access at the federal level, the government does not require a primary care physician to provide a referral for a person to seek out physical therapy. As of 2015, all 50 states, along with the US Virgin Islands, have a certain level of direct access—some more than others. 

Three Levels of Direct Access

  • Limited
  • Access with provisions
  • Unrestricted

Limited access allows patients to receive therapy under specific circumstances. This could be from a prior diagnosis or past referral. Only six states have limited access; the least amount in the country. 

Access with provisions allows a person to be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist under certain provisions—more than limited access. For instance, there could be a time limit on care or specific therapy based on a physician’s suggestion. Access with provisions is what the majority of states allow, with 26 states total, plus Washington D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

Unrestricted access means a person does not need a referral from a doctor to receive therapy, nor do they require any provisions to be met. Currently, there are 18 states as of 2018 with unrestricted access to local physical therapy. 

Wyoming’s Laws

Even though Wyoming falls in the “limited” access category, there are opportunities for people to receive care without a referral. Some of the provisions include: 
  • The person is 12-years-old or older
  • Treatment for chronic pain or an ongoing condition 
  • A therapist must have a master’s degree and a minimum of five years clinical experience

All other circumstances outside of these parameters will require a physician’s referral. 

Nebraska’s Laws

For those living in Nebraska, citizens have unrestricted access to physical therapy. This means no matter what the reasons or circumstances may be, a person will not need to get anything referring them to a therapist. This allows anyone to seek out care options. However, states like Nebraska with unrestricted access can only see a physical therapist for therapy and nothing outside of that realm. 

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