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What is Dry Needling and How Can Your Casper Physical Therapy Can Help

For those experiencing muscle pain, local Casper physical therapy can definitely help you reduce or eliminate your muscular pains through dry needling. Not to be confused with acupuncture, this method goes deep within your muscle’s tissue to eliminate any knots.
  1. What is dry needling? Dry needling is a great treatment for those who have experience acute or chronic pain, sports or other injuries or would just like to participate in a prevention method to prevent injuries. This therapy, also known as “trigger point dry needling” or “functional dry needling,” will have a physical therapist use a tiny monofilament needle to treat those small trigger point ailments. The trigger points are basically hard knots in a muscle. The Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Therapy says many use this method in their arms or neck. The needles are gently pushed through one’s skin directly into the knot and they explain studies have shown this decreases pain and improves function.
  2. How treatment relates to Myofascial pain syndrome: Dry needling is one of the top treatments for those suffering from myofascial pain syndrome. People are affected by this after one of their muscles continuously contracts. The Mayo Clinic explains this is different from your average muscle pain because it persists and worsens over time. The pain is typically a deep ache and you can notice a knot in the muscle (which is where dry needling comes in).  
  3. Does it hurt? Some people feel the needles going in and the goal is to create a twitch in the muscle that some find similar to an ache or cramp. Some people that use dry needling are sore soon after treatment in the areas they received treatment in for one or two days at most. Many that have experienced this treatment explain it can be painful and feel the effects for a few hours, but all very worth it as it relieves them of their symptoms. Ice or heat can be best to reduce soreness and bring back the quality muscle you are used to, pain-free.
  4. What makes it different than acupuncture? The Colorado Springs Independent explains it well: Acupuncture is like snorkeling and dry needling is like deep sea diving. When one gets acupuncture, there is a needle settling just under the skin’s surface, they said. For dry needling, the needles go deeper and into the muscle. So for many, while it may be temporarily painful, it has been their go-to solution.
  5. Preparing for your appointment: If you decide to try dry needling to help resolve your trigger points, Every Day Health has a few great tips. First, take a dose of Tylenol or ibuprofen soon before your appointment to help prevent you from clenching your muscles and overall try to keep your muscles relaxed. Next, make sure you are dressed so you can easily move clothes around for your physical therapist to handle you’re the procedure. After treatment is over, follow their instructions and last, the more treatments you do, let your physical therapist know you think you might be overdoing it.

Do you think you are ready to try dry needling to solve your muscle pain? North Platte Physical Therapy specializes in dry needling and can help you decide if it is a good solution for you to try. Learn more about our premier physical therapy Casper, WY dry needling services and fill out a contact form to get started.