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Common Foot and Ankle Issues and How Cheyenne WY Physical Therapy Can Help

August 17, 2016

Nearly 20 percent of all Americans deal with foot and ankle pain—which can be very frustrating and painful. However, there is hope! By using Cheyenne WY physical therapy, you can help work to relieve your foot and/or ankle issues and be on your way to a pain-free life! Learn about some of the most common types of issues and how local physical therapy can help.
  1. Plantar Fasciitis: Plantar Fasciitis is a condition of the foot that can be very painful on the heel and bottom areas of a foot. The Mayo Clinic explains on their Plantar Fasciitis section that those with this condition create a stabbing-like pain. It is common in the first few steps after getting up from sleeping, or getting up or sitting down after long periods of either action. This feeling is created when there is a issue with your plantar fascia. The Mayo clinic says this part of your foot is similar to a shock-absorbing arch of your foot, in a bowstring-like shape. When stretched too far, small tears occur which cause the foot to be irritated. Age, exercise, other foot conditions, being overweight and constantly being on your feet all can lead to plantar fasciitis. Surgery is not always required for this condition and you can work with a physical therapist on some top methods to restore the quality in your foot!
  2. Sprained Ankle: Sometimes the quickest and smallest of movements can create something extremely painful—such as a sprained ankle! This common condition happens to so many people and occurs when a person is flat on their feet and makes a swift motion where the ankle may go out and the foot turns in. From here, in Web MD’s article “What Causes Ankle Sprains,” the ligament is injured and can cause mild to severe pain. Those with a minor sprain can usually still walk but the ankle may be sensitive and stiff. Those with a serious injury struggle walking and the ankle may not feel stable. Immediately after suffering from a sprained ankle, working with a physical therapist immediately, you may find the best and quickest way to a smooth recovery.
  3. Achilles Tendinitis: Athletes and many other Americans suffer from Achilles Tendinitis. This is a condition common with those who lunge and jump that creates a tear in this tendon. The result of this injury is a very painful experience! Many can treat this condition by treating on their own, but if it does not resolve, that is where your doctor and go-to physical therapist can help. To avoid this problem, be sure to properly warm up before exercising and wear proper footwear for various activities.
If you are trying to recover from a foot or ankle injury, North Platte physical therapy can help! We are your premier physical therapist in Cheyenne, WY to help with a variety of your ailments! Our team will offer you multiple options thanks to our wonderful staff of certified professionals. Learn more about the orthopedic injuries we can help you with and fill out a contact sheet to be on your way to be pain-free!