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Spinal Cord Injuries and Casper Physical Therapy Solutions

July 6, 2016

Each year, over 12,000 Americans are injured resulting in a spinal cord injury. This unfortunate accident can result in a multitude of effects from a loss in function or respiratory issues. It is best to try to be cautious when playing sports, working and lifting or other strenuous activities to ensure you do not sustain one of these injuries. If you do, one of your options to recover or gain some of your mobility back is to see a physical therapist in Casper, WY.
  1. What is a Spinal Cord Injury? When a person damages their spinal cord, which is roughly 18 inches long and starts from the base of your brain and goes down to the middle of your back, there are a multitude of effects it can have. According to the Shepherd Center, these injuries can result in a loss in function, mobility and feeling. The nerves exit and enter at each level and they explain communicate with different areas of the body. Being that the spinal cord carries nerve impulses from the brain to the rest of the body, when damaged, you can see how it can greatly change someone’s life.
  2. Complete and Incomplete Injuries: Spinal cord injuries are categorized into “complete” and “incomplete.”  The U.S. National Library of Medicine explains that a “complete” spinal cord injury means your spinal cord is unable to send signals to anything below it usually resulting in paralysis. You may have total paralysis, known as tetraplegia, or partial paralysis called paraplegia, which usually affects the lower part of the body. For those diagnosed with an “incomplete” injury, there is still some movement and sensation below leaving those with the ability to be able to move and function. Those with “incomplete” injuries are able to use various therapies, medicines, braces and other devices to rehabilitate. While you may not have a full recovery, there are aids and devices to help you live as comfortably as possible.
  3. Symptoms: Upon experiencing a potential spinal cord injury, there are several emergency signs and symptoms to take note of. If you experience any of these symptoms or are worried you have a spinal cord injury, it is best to contact your doctor immediately. The first is extreme back pain and pressure in your neck, head or back. Next, if you notice weakness or numbness in certain parts of you body, which could be a sign. You may also have loss of bladder or bowel control and have issues balancing and walking. Last, you may notice that you struggle with your breathing or have an injury that leaves your neck or back in an odd position.  
If you find that you are a victim of a spinal cord injury, North Platte Physical Therapy is your local premier Casper physical therapy go-to to help you increase the quality of your life post-injury. We can work with peripheral nerve stimulation, bio feed-back and brushing/sensory integration techniques by transfer training, ambulation training, stretching, strengthening, balance and neuro-muscular re-education. Our top goals are to help you eradicate pain, increase function, instruct self-management and educate you on the biomechanics. Learn more about spinal injuries and other neurological services and fill out a contact sheet for more information.