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Physical Therapy Treatments for Neck Pain

April 12, 2016

Your neck consists of several important muscles and tendons that are needed to support and rotate your head. However, neck injuries or medical conditions can inflict you with severe pain and prevent you from being able to rotate your head and perform basic tasks. Physical therapy is one of the most effective methods for treating various forms of neck pain. If you are experiencing pain or loss of functioning in your neck, you should learn about the neck treatments that top Wyoming physical therapy services can provide.

Examination. The first step is to conduct examinations to identify your neck condition and to determine the ideal treatment plan. A diverse range of injuries and conditions can facilitate neck pain. For instance, the pain can be caused by damaged joints, muscle strains, whiplash, bone spurs, arthritis, meningitis, and various forms of cancer. Additionally, the pain can also be located in different areas of the neck. The pain might reflect an aching throb that is concentrated in the back of the neck, a sharp stinging sensation between the shoulder blades, or a tingling numbness that permeates down your shoulders and arms.

Examinations help the therapist identify which type of neck pain you are experiencing. The experts often conducts tests to determine your condition, evaluate the strength and reflexes of your neck, the pinpoint the primary locations in which the pain is occurring. This information can help towards customizing a treatment plan that is appropriate for your neck and that would successfully treat your condition.

Exercises. You can receive various neck exercise treatments from premier Wyoming physical therapy services. Stretching regimens can treat your neck pain. During the sessions, you are guided through stretches which extend and rotate your neck in various directions to relieve the pain, increase your flexibility, and improve the range-of-motion of your neck. Many aerobic and resistance exercise routines can strengthen your neck muscles and improve your ability to lift your head or rotate your neck. There are also beneficial instructions regarding your body mechanics that would help relieve the pain and prevent future injuries. For example, proper standing postures, correct walking gaits, and effective neck movements that can help you fulfill daily tasks and engage in physical activities without incurring neck injuries.

Modalities. There are many advanced modalities which may be used to treat your neck pain, such as heat and cold treatments, manual massages, and kinesiotape. These treatments can significantly reduce the neck pain and accelerate the recovery process. However, there are also common therapeutic devices that experts use to treat neck pain include electrical stimulations, ultrasounds, Graston techniques, and TENS units. These devices can relieve the symptoms associated with neck pain by generating powerful electrical currents and by circulating medical chemicals throughout your body. Many advantages accompany the modality treatments offered by premier Wyoming physical therapy services. The modalities can alleviate the pain you are experiencing, increase your strength and flexibility, and restore the proper functioning of your neck.

Contact North Platte Physical Therapy to treat your neck pain. Our expert staff has achieved a prestigious reputation for providing superior physical therapy services and for satisfying clients all throughout the Wyoming and Nebraska areas. We can provide customized physical therapy services, we use the best treatment methods on the market, and we would be glad to implement a treatment plan that can alleviate the symptoms of your condition and maximize the proper functioning of your body.