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Using physical therapy to treat tennis elbow

June 18, 2020

Tennis Elbow is a painful and debilitating condition that can impair your ability to use your affected arm, hold objects, or perform daily tasks. However, many orthopedic physical therapy treatments can help you quickly and effectively rehabilitate from the condition. If you are experiencing pain or loss of functioning in your arm, you should learn about tennis elbow and the many treatments that premier Wyoming physical therapists can provide.

North Platte Physical Therapy services can treat the symptoms of tennis elbow. Despite the name, most patients do not incur the condition while playing tennis. Tennis elbow refers to elbow pain that is caused by an injury to the muscles and tendons that connect the forearm to the elbow. The technical name of the condition is lateral epicondylitis, for the injured forearm muscles connect to the lateral epicondyle bone in the elbow. Because you must use your elbow to grip, lift or carry objects, many factors can cause tennis elbow. You can incur the condition by placing excessive strain on your forearm, awkwardly twisting your hands and wrists, or overusing your elbow while performing normal daily functions or intense athletic events. Certain symptoms can indicate that you are suffering from tennis elbow. Common symptoms include an aching pain on the outside of your elbow, a loss of functioning in the affected arm, and an inability to stabilize your wrist to hold even small objects.

Rest treatments can help treat tennis elbow conditions. Top Wyoming physical therapists can utilize alternating heat and cold treatments to reduce the inflammation and relieve the pain. The therapy experts can also apply elastic bandages to facilitate proper elbow rest. These bandages can provide additional support to your elbow, alleviate the pressure from the injured muscles, and protect your arm from experiencing any strain that could exasperate the injury or hinder the rehabilitation process.  

You can't always prevent tennis elbow which is why physical therapy specialists can also design many exercise programs to help you recover from tennis elbow. The best Wyoming physical therapists can develop customized exercise routines that are most conducive for your body and that would most effectively treat your condition. Physical therapy exercises for tennis elbow often involve stretching routines for your wrist, forearm, and shoulder areas. The stretching can increase the range-of-motion and flexibility of your arm to help you recover from the injury and to prevent similar injuries from recurring. The exercise routines also typically involve strength exercises for the muscles around your elbow. These exercises can strengthen your affected arm, restore the proper functioning of your elbow, and allow you to stabilize your muscles and perform daily tasks. Additionally, the therapists can also show you exercises that you can perform at home to further assist the rehabilitation process.

Contact North Platte Physical Therapy to treat your tennis elbow condition. Our expert staff is revered for providing superior physical therapy treatments throughout the Wyoming and Nebraska areas. We can fulfill comprehensive physical therapy services, we have access to the best treatment techniques available, and we would be happy to customize a treatment plan that can help you overcome the symptoms of tennis elbow and maximize the functioning of your arm.