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What your knee pain means and when you should get help from your Wyoming physical therapist

By Erika Bynon - March 11, 2020

Knee pains - they can be overwhelming and even scary if you’re an athlete. No matter what the cause, knee pains can affect anyone no matter the age or gender. What makes knee pains a little complicated is that knee pains can be attributed to a horrific injury, a slight tweak, or even a medical condition. While we cannot diagnose anyone via internet, here are some common knee injuries and their symptoms.

While there is a wide array of injuries that can cause knee pain, here are some of the most common: 
  • ACL: This one is particularly worrisome for athletes as sometimes it can be career ending. An ACL injury is when you tear the anterior cruciate ligament (a ligament in your knee that connects your thigh and shin bone). This can be extremely painful and often occurs when there is a sudden movement or change in direction.
  • Meniscus: Your meniscus is a cartilage (of course also located in your knee) that helps to absorb shock - think of it as a stabilizer. Typically this can be torn if you are placing weight on your knee, and then suddenly twisting it in a different direction.
  • Fractures: If you’ve broken or fractured a bone before you know the pain - but we can almost guarantee you’d certainly know! It’ll be extremely painful and often times you won’t be able to put any pressure on it.

Risk Factors
Some knee pain can be caused from medical conditions - including excess weight and a true lack of any strength or flexibility. To help mitigate this, we recommend ensuring you are active (even if it’s just walking) and try to focus on healthy eating. Your primary care physician can help you with this!

See a Doctor
  • Everyone responds differently to pain and injury. While the following are decent guidelines as to when you should seek a doctor’s assistance, if you have any doubts or concerns we recommend you see a doctor or physical therapist promptly!
  • Unable to full extend or bend your knee
  • Have excessive swelling
  • Severe pain
  • Unable to put full body weight on your knee

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