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Advice for dealing neck strains from your local Wyoming/Nebraska Physical Therapist

February 20, 2020

Neck strains can keep you from living a normal life every day, and can even make you uncomfortable. Sometimes neck strains can cause you to lay in bed each day you have issues, or it could even cause you to have to go to the doctor. The good news, is that while you can prevent every injury there are a few things you can do to prevent neck strain. Something important to note, there is no 100% way to prevent an injury, but you can do your best to cut back on lifestyle habits that might heighten your risk.

Neck strain/pain can be prevented simply by how you sleep - and this includes the type of pillow you are using. If you are already experiencing some light neck pain...try a new pillow. Sometimes a firmer, or even softer pillow, can help adjust your body. Somethings can be very difficult. Not only can the type of pillow you are using can make a difference, but the sleeping position itself can also make a difference. Try laying on your back if you can, sleeping on your side can cause undo stress. 

Technology can cause additional stress on your body - stress you might have not thought of. For example, if your computer is not at eye level...looking down or up can cause a lot of neck pain. What about texting? Are you spending all day texting? Looking down at your phone could cause unnecessary strain as well. Keep an eye out on where your eye sight is for each piece of technology.

Wellness covers quite a few things, including physical fitness and nutrition Physical fitness is important to help prevent neck strains - and we aren’t talking about regularly working out (although we do recommend that). We are talking about stretching your neck muscles often. Healthy nutrition is also important, but be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body healthy.

Have a neck strain? Be sure to contact us for assistance. If you are experiencing body aches and pains, also be sure to reach out our team. At North Platte Physical Therapy, we are here to help meet your needs. We serve the communities of Wyoming and Nebraska with 22 clinics offering a full range of physical therapy services. Contact us today for more information.