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Preparing your winter fitness routine from your Wyoming/Nebraska physical therapist

October 23, 2019

The winter months are notoriously hard for fitness junkies - the cold weather keeps people inside, the holidays can make eating healthier a little bit of a challenge, and there are many events that require your attention. However, we have a few ways you can start to transition into healthy habits now...preparing you for success this winter! Here are our favorite healthy tips from your Wyoming/Nebraska physical therapist. 

Working Out
Finding time to work out during the holidays can be more difficult than ever. However, there are a few smaller things you can do to help stay active. One of them being to incorporate physical activity into family activities - such as enjoying time on a wii fit with the family or going through a Christmas light walk. In addition, start blocking time on your calendars to ensure you workout and maybe even consider signing up for a few exercise classes. Making these minor adjustments can help you stay on your game this winter.

Carbs are challenging year round, but it’s even harder during the winter. Your body often times can crave carbs, thinking that it’ll make you happier. And your body would be right...for a period of time. Carbs can cause temporary boosts in serotonin, but after the boost is gone you are going to be craving carbs more than ever. Avoid the temptation, and avoid the unnecessary calories and carbs!

Additional Nutrition
During the winter months, try to avoid sweets as much as possible. While everything is okay in moderation, sweets tend to pack on the pounds when you aren’t as physically active as normal. Try incorporating more Omega-3 fatty acids, and beef up the leafy vegetables you are consuming on a daily basis. All three of these minor changes can have a major impact on your health and fitness goals.

While we always recommend using vitamins, we recommend you consider a vitamin C supplement this winter. Winter months keep you inside, and oftentimes aren’t very sunny. Vitamin C supplements will help you stay energetic, youthful, and help to keep you skin looking healthy and happy. Before you start on your vitamin regime, we recommend contacting you primary care physician. Too much of particular vitamins can cause issues - so we recommend that you always contact your doctor.

Not everything works for everyone, but these are our favorite tips for staying healthy this winter. If you need additional assistance, reach out to your primary care physician. If you are experiencing body aches and pains, also be sure to reach out to your primary care physician or our team. At North Platte Physical Therapy, we are here to help meet your needs. We serve the communities of Wyoming and Nebraska with 22 clinics offering a full range of physical therapy services. Contact us today for more information.