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What is Kinesiotaping? Ways to Incorporate with Your Physical Therapy at Powell and all other locations

June 21, 2017

As an athlete, have you felt like certain injuries take longer to heal? Are you looking for a better range of motion to help you better perform certain activities? For many that feel this way, one of the go-to solutions they have is to use kinesiology tape. If you are a fan of the Olympics, you may have seen athletes wearing this tape. Learn more about Kinesiotaping, top benefits and ways to incorporate it into your Powell and all other locations physical therapy.

Intro to Kinesiotaping

Kinesio tape is a thin, latex-free tape that can relax over-stimulated and overused muscles and to also rehabilitate underused muscles. It was developed in the late 1970s and has continued to grow and be used since. It helps those who choose this method by wearing it for a few days in order to begin working. Kinesio tape lifts skin which eases pressure in certain areas. In the process, it will reduce inflammation that some athletes or individuals find painful. It can also help to increase the amount of blood flow which also alleviates some of the pressure. Kinesio tape can be worn for many days in a row without being removed to take some time to work.  


One of the premier benefits of Kinesio tape is the pressure it removes from certain areas to help overall range of motion, reduce pressure and help to eliminate pain. These pains can include muscle strains, sprains, bone injuries, tendonitis and chronic pain from fibromyalgia. It also can aid in swelling and drainage. It has been helpful to athletes who are trying to strengthen or overcome underused and weak muscles as well. Being able to be used for days in a row, it can be a great solution for a speedy recovery.

Incorporating into Physical Therapy

When trying to overcome an injury or increase your range of motion, seeing a local physical therapist is one of the best ways to help you accomplish your goals and reduce pain. During your visit with a physical therapist, it is one of the best times to have the discussion with them about Kinesio tape. You can discuss with them how you can incorporate it into your daily workouts or weekly physical therapy visits. Over time, this tape will help to increase the circulation and blood flow in your body and can help to reduce future injuries
For a more in-depth look into Kinesio tape, review Medicine Net’s Kinesio Taping Methods and Kinesio Tex Tape. As you look for ways to increase the quality of your range of motion or fix an injury, discuss it with your physical therapist at North Platte Physical Therapy. You can also learn more about our services for modalities. We can help you reduce your pain and regain or create a range of motion you have not had. By using our one-on-one services, you can work with your physical therapist to create an individualized plan that gets you started. Contact North Platte Physical Therapy today to get started with your plan.