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Tips For Perfecting Your Posture From a Physical Therapist in Cheyenne WY

January 18, 2017

Do you ever find yourself hunched over at a computer or steering wheel? Perfecting your posture is not just about making yourself look longer and leaner—it can also protect your body from harmful injuries, aches, and pains. Learn more about how posture affects health. How can you make sure you have the proper posture? Here are some tips from a physical therapist in Cheyenne WY:

Standing Up

When standing up, keep a small bend in your knees instead of locking them and adjust your weight into the balls of your feet. Position your feet so they are about shoulder-width distance apart from each other, and allow your arms to fall freely on each side of your body. Now, focus on the spine. Make sure you have elongated your spine as much as possible so you are standing up tall. Pull your stomach inwards while also bringing your shoulders back. After your spine is in the proper place, check in with your head. A great way to tell whether your head is properly aligned is by looking at the earlobes, which should be aligned with your shoulders. If they’re not, make this adjustment now. This is the proper way to stand, but if you get uncomfortable in this position after standing for a long period of time, try to shift your weight from one foot to the other to give your body a little break.

Sitting Down

Your feet should always be flat on the floor while sitting, and you should avoid crossing your legs. Keep your knees at the same level as your hips, and your ankles slightly in front of your knees. Don’t scoot back in your seat so the backs of your knees are pressed against the chair. Instead, leave a little bit of space between your body and the chair. Be mindful of your shoulders as you sit. It’s easy to tense up and raise your shoulders if you feel uncomfortable, but don’t let this happen.

Laying Down

Many people know how to correct their posture when sitting or standing, but what about when laying down? When you go to sleep at night, make sure you always sleep with a pillow. If you know you have posture problems, it wouldn’t hurt to buy a pillow designed especially for people with bad posture. It’s best to either sleep on your side or your back, but never your stomach. If you do sleep on your side, keep a soft pillow between your legs, and if you roll to your back, move this pillow underneath your knees.

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