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Cheyenne WY Physical Therapy Tips For Preventing Injuries This Winter

December 7, 2016

Injuries can happen at any time of the year, but many people are at a higher risk during the cold winter months. How can you protect yourself this year? According to the Cheyenne WY physical therapy experts at North Platte Physical Therapy, you just have to follow these tips:

Don’t rush

During the winter season, there will likely be ice and snow covering the ground, which makes it much easier to slip and fall. To avoid a serious injury, try to plan ahead so you do not have to rush to get anywhere. This will help you slow down and ensure you never have to walk quickly to get to your final destination. The faster you walk, the easier it is for you to slip on the icy ground underneath you.

Pick the right shoes

Before you step onto any icy patches or areas covered in snow, you should also make sure you are wearing the right shoes. Look for shoes that have a large tread on the bottom, as these will help you grip onto the ground and keep you upright. Remember, a slip and fall accident can lead to serious back, neck, and head injuries, so it’s best to be cautious when it comes to walking outside in the winter. Learn how to find the best shoes for walking on ice.

Warm up

You should always stretch before and after a workout, but this becomes even more important during the winter. Muscles tend to tighten up in cold weather, meaning any sudden movements could easily cause an injury. So, if you go for a run without stretching out your muscles, the sudden shift from standing to constant motion could strain your muscles. To avoid this happening to you, take a few minutes to stretch out your muscles prior to doing any physical activity and right after finishing the workout as well. Stretching will loosen the tight muscles and prepare them for physical activity so you can enjoy your favorite workout without suffering afterwards.

Pace yourself

Do you have a long driveway covered in snow? If you have to shovel all of the snow on your own, make sure you pace yourself. Snow may look light and fluffy, but it can actually be quite heavy, especially if it’s enough to fill up a snow shovel. It may be cold outside, but you shouldn’t rush through this job just so you can quickly get back into the warmth. Take your time and listen to your body as you move along your driveway. If you feel any pain, you should stop immediately instead of powering through it. Remember, pain is your body’s way of telling you there’s something wrong that needs your attention!
Contact North Platte Physical Therapy to learn more about how you can avoid pain, sprains and strains. Our staff is praised throughout the Wyoming and Nebraska areas for our commitment to our clients. We can fulfill comprehensive physical therapy services, and would be happy to customize a treatment plan that can help you enjoy all of your favorite winter activities without injuring yourself.