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Physical Therapy in Cheyenne for Neurological Disorders

October 26, 2016

Neurological disorders can inflict you with severe pain, impair the movements of your body, and prevent you from functioning properly while fulfilling social or professional tasks. However, physical therapy sessions can treat your neurological condition without the use of dangerous medications or expensive surgeries. If you are experiencing a neurological disorder, you should learn about the beneficial neurological treatments that the best Wyoming physical therapists can provide.

Movement Disorders

Your local physical therapy services can treat many movement disorders. Movement disorders often diminish your ability to flex, rotate, or utilize your muscles and limbs effectively. Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder that is commonly treated by physical therapy experts. The experts can customize stretching routines and exercise programs to help alleviate the symptoms of the condition and restore the proper functioning of your body. For instance, aerobic exercises can increase the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout your body, reduce the pain and stiffness in your muscles, and improve the mobility and strength of your limbs. Therapists can also use technological modalities that can generate electrical currents to relieve the pain and increase the strength of your muscles. Additionally, therapists provide treatments for many other movement disorders, including Ataxia, Tourette syndrome, MSA, PSP, Dystonia, and Wilson’s disease.

Balance Disorders

You can also treat balance disorders with physical therapy sessions. Vestibular or balance disorders are usually caused by damage to your inner ear, for organs inside the ear help convey information to the brain regarding body position and balance. Several detrimental symptoms accompany balance disorders, including frequent imbalance, risk of falling, severe vertigo, and extreme dizziness. However, premier Wyoming physical therapists can implement vestibular rehabilitation therapy treatments to help you overcome balance disorders. The experts can show you efficacious techniques that can help you maintain a stable posture when standing, utilize a safe gait while walking, and avoid falling while performing your daily routines. Many physical therapy exercises can also help treat the secondary vestibular disorder symptoms of vertigo and dizziness. For example, compensation exercises teach you to use other senses to maintain your balance, habituation exercises help you eradicate dizzy spells in different environments, and gaze stabilization exercises help you keep your vision focused when your head is rotating.  


Physical therapy can also help alleviate symptoms and help you recover from strokes. Strokes are caused by the blood flow being suddenly obstructed from accessing the brain, which damages the brain cells that are deprived of oxygen. After the stroke, you can often experience debilitating symptoms that prevent you from being able to move various body parts. Strokes can impair coordination, hinder muscle control, and restrict body movements. While these symptoms can initially prevent you from functioning properly, physical therapy experts can treat these symptoms and help you rehabilitate from the condition. Many exercises can help alleviate stroke symptoms. The experts can guide you through strength, flexibility, and aerobic exercise routines that help restore proper body mechanics. Studies indicate that physical therapy exercise routines can substantially help stroke survivors regain muscle strength, limb coordination, and body movement control.

North Platte Physical Therapy to treat your neurological disorder. Our expert staff has accrued a prestigious reputation throughout the Wyoming and Nebraska areas for providing superior physical therapy and neurological treatment services. We can provide you with the full support that you deserve, we can customize a treatment plan that is most effective for your condition, and we would be glad to implement a physical therapy program that can help improve the proper functioning of your body and maximize the productive quality of your life.