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Wyoming Physical Therapy Services for Work Injuries

July 20, 2016

The proper health and functioning of your body is required to perform daily routines and to fulfill professional obligations. However, many work injuries can impair your health and facilitate debilitating injuries. Although the injuries can prevent you from completing the tasks of your job, physical therapists can provide evaluations and treatments to help you recover and get back to work as soon as possible. If you have experienced an injury from your job, you should learn more about the work injury treatments that the best Wyoming physical therapy services can provide.


Premier Casper physical therapists can help you rehabilitate after suffering from work-related injuries. Many jobs expose the employees to safety hazards and injury risks.  Industries that can be very dangerous include construction, manufacturing, carpentry, farming, factory, roofing, and many other industrial occupations. Physical therapists can provide treatment for most injuries that employees commonly experience. The therapists often implement customized exercise programs and stretching routines that would be most conducive for your injury and for your body. You can also rehabilitate from your work injury by having the experts apply technological modalities, such as ultrasound, Tens Units, and electrical stimulation devices. As a result, the physical therapy professionals can implement a work injury treatment program to alleviate the pain, accelerate the recovery process, and restore the proper functioning of your body.    


You would also benefit from the prevention treatments that top Wyoming physical therapy services can provide. The prevention treatments can help protect you from recurring the same injury or from experiencing new injuries affiliated with your occupation. The therapy experts can identify the physical requirements of your job, determine the specific problems that your body is experiencing, and develop strategies to overcome those physical limitations. Many preventative programs can help you perform professional tasks. For instance, the experts can show you the proper body mechanics and effective movement techniques that can help you safely and successfully fulfill the obligations of your job without incurring any injuries. The therapist can also teach you stretches and exercises that you can perform on your own to expand your range-of-motion. While the preventative programs can protect you from incurring future injuries, the programs can also improve your performance levels by enhancing your strength, flexibility, and body mechanics.  


The best Casper physical therapists can also conduct evaluations for work injuries. The Functional Capacity Evaluation enables the experts to conduct a series of tests, customize the tests according to your professional occupation, and determine whether or not you are physically able to perform the duties of your job. If you are not ready to resume work activities, the experts can provide proof of your injury and document the specific impediments that prevent you from being able to perform the given tasks. After you have rehabilitated, the experts can also conduct return-to-work tests to verify if you are officially ready to get back to work. The return-to-work tests help the experts determine if you are prepared to safely and effectively perform the professional obligations without incurring injuries. Additionally, the experts can collaborate with your employers throughout the entire process to ensure that the evaluation tests and documentation requirements are handled properly.  

Contact North Platte Physical Therapy to treat your work injuries. Our expert staff has earned a prestigious reputation for providing superior physical therapy services and for satisfying customers throughout the Wyoming and Nebraska areas. We provide personalized physical therapy services, we use the best treatment techniques available, and we would be glad to develop a treatment program that can help you rehabilitate from work injuries and maximize your performance levels.