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Different Types of Lower Back Pain Cheyenne, WY Physical Therapy Can Relieve

June 29, 2016

Did you know that lower back pain is one of the top reasons Americans miss work? There is no sense in living in pain. Cheyenne, WY physical therapy if your go-to solution that can help you reduce or eliminate the pain you have. It is best to always see your doctor or physical therapist to help fix your situation as soon as you can to avoid long-term damage. By using various techniques for some of the following lower back issues, you can greatly improve your quality of life.
  1. Sacroiliac Joint Pain: This type of pain, also known as SI joint pain, if found in the lower back or in your leg. You have two of these joints that sit on both sides of your spine and their priority is to carry your weight as you walk, stand, etc. It can be a dull or sharp pain all throughout the area, and often happens when standing. Various injuries from playing sports or falling can lead to your SI joint to get inflamed. Arthritis can cause this, as well as pregnancy because a pregnant woman’s body releases hormones that loosen joints that move more that change the way your joints move.
  2. Sciatica: This type of back pain usually happens when you get a herniated disk, bone spur on the spine or spinal stenosis—a narrowing of the spine, which leads to inflammation, pain and leg numbness. Those suffering from sciatica experience a pain that goes from the lower part of the spine all the way down to the back of your leg. This type of pain can be a simple mild ache or as intense as a burning sensation. It can even be like a jolt or electric shock that worsens if you sneeze that can cause the pain.
  3. Herniated Disc: When one of the discs between your vertebrae has a problem, you can get a herniated disc. Usually they happen in your lower back but can also happen in your neck too. Most common symptoms include arm or leg pain that can be intense, especially after you sneeze, cough, or move to just the right (or wrong) position. You may also experience numbness or tingling because of your nerves or weakness that makes it difficult to lift or hold things, or even stumble. This issue can happen due to poor lifting techniques, hard falls or hits—or even just age.
If you suffer from any of the above issues, or any other types of lower back pain, North Platte Physical therapy is your local premiere physical therapist in Cheyenne WY that can help you reduce or eliminate your pains. Ready to get started? Fill out a contact form and learn what your first day of therapy with us will be like and the quality of care you can expect to receive to eliminate your lower back pain.