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Wyoming Physical Therapy Services for Hip Bursitis

June 8, 2016

The hip consists of many bursae fluid sacs that cushion the muscles and tendons in your hip, buttocks, and thigh areas. However, middle-aged men and women occasionally experience hip bursitis, a condition in which one of the sacs in the hip becomes inflamed. The condition can be caused by incurring a hard blow on the hip, twisting your body into an awkward position, or placing frequent or excessive strain on the hip during daily activities. If you are experiencing pain in your hip, you should learn about the hip bursitis treatments that the best Wyoming physical therapy services can provide.

Rest Treatment
Rest treatments can help premier Casper physical therapists treat hip bursitis conditions. Resting your body and refraining from utilizing your hip can relieve many of the symptoms that accompany hip bursitis. The symptoms of the condition often include severe pain, loss of functioning, and swelling in the hip. The swelling is caused by blood rushing to the damaged area of your hip at an increased rate. However, alternating hot and cold treatments can reduce the swelling. For instance, the therapy experts can place hot pads and ice packs onto your hip at even increments to diminish the swelling, alleviate the pain, and prevent the injury from exasperating. Additionally, the therapists can also provide splints and braces to further help you rest and protect your hip during the recovery process.  


The top Wyoming physical therapy services can also treat hip bursitis with stretch and exercise routines. Many stretches can help reduce the pain, increase your range-of-motion, and restore the proper functioning of your hip area. The hip rotator stretch is especially beneficial for treating hip pain. The hip rotator stretch enables you to lie on your back while the therapist moves your leg and presses on your knee to stretch your hip. You can also do various standing stretches. For instance, iliotibial band stretches consist of you standing upright or against a wall while the therapist positions your arms in ways that stretch the injured area of your hip.

Many exercise routines can also treat the symptoms of hip bursitis. Because hip bursitis can cause you to experience a depleted weakness in your hip, exercise routines can help strengthen and stabilize the hip muscles to facilitate recovery and to prevent further injuries. Although many aerobic and weight-lifting routines can help treat your condition, your therapist can determine which particular routines would be most effective for your injury and safe for your body.

You can also have premier Casper physical therapists use technological modalities to treat hip bursitis.  Ultrasound devices are very advantageous for hip problems. Ultrasound devices can generate sound and heat waves, send the wave vibrations to your hip area, and this can stimulate and heal the soft tissues affected by your injury. Many benefits are associated with this ultrasound process. The device can circulate beneficial oxygen and nutrients to the damaged hip, eradicate detrimental toxins from the soft tissues, and relieve the pressure and strain from your hip. Numerous other technological devices can also help treat hip bursitis. For instance, TENS Units and electrical stimulator devices can distribute medical nutrients throughout your hip area to alleviate the pain and accelerate the rehabilitation process.

Contact North Platte Physical Therapy to treat your hip condition. Our expert staff is revered throughout the Wyoming and Nebraska areas for satisfying customers with our superior and customized physical therapy services. We can handle any of your therapy needs, we have access to the best treatment modalities on the market, and we would be glad to provide effective treatments that can relieve the pain in your body and maximize the functioning of your hip.