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Physical Therapy Treatments for Spinal Cord Injuries

May 18, 2016

The spinal cord stabilizes your back, enables your body to move effectively, and sends neurological signals to and from your brain. However, many spinal cord injuries can inflict detrimental physical and neurological problems. If you are experiencing pain and loss of functioning in your spine, you should learn about the spinal cord injury treatments that premier Wyoming physical therapists can provide.    

Spinal Cord Injuries

The best Cheyenne physical therapy services can treat spinal cord injuries. The nerves in your spinal cord carry signals between your organs and brain to ensure that your mind and body communicate messages efficiently. Many spinal cord injuries can impair the ability of the spine to receive and send these neurological signals. The injuries are typically caused by hard blows or awkward twists of the back. These injuries can then fracture and dislocate the bone disc of your vertebrae, cause bone fragments to become dislodged, and the loose fragments can then rupture the spinal cord tissue and nerves that are needed to carry signals. Many symptoms accompany spinal cord injuries. The injuries often inflict your back with acute pain that can be concentrated in your spine or spread to envelop your entire upper body area. The neurological symptoms of spinal cord injuries are also detrimental. You might experience slow cognitive skills, memory problems, movement impediments, and information processing deficiencies.  


You can have the top Wyoming physical therapists implement efficacious spinal cord treatments programs. The programs often include stretching treatments that provide many benefits. The stretches can increase the flexibility, range-of-motion, and overall mobility of your back. Several exercise routines can also treat spinal cord injuries. The exercises accelerate the rehabilitation process by strengthening the muscles around your spine and by improving your ability to keep your body balanced. The expert can guide you through exercise routines during sessions and teach you routines that you can perform on your own to maintain healthy strength and flexibility levels. Additionally, many technological modalities can also help treat spinal cord injuries, including electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and Tens Units devices. These modalities can generate and circulate electrical currents throughout your body to alleviate the pain and restore the proper functioning of your back.


The best Cheyenne physical therapy services can provide various spinal cord training programs. Ambulation training is an essential aspect of the programs. Ambulation training can improve your posture while standing, enhance your gait while walking, and can educate your body to utilize proper movements when moving around or engaging in physical activities. Transfer training is especially important for treating spinal cord injuries. Patients often experience difficulties transferring between sitting and standing positions. Some patients who are bound to a wheelchair throughout the rehabilitation process might also experience difficulties transferring in and out of the wheelchair.

The physical therapy experts can teach you the techniques that would help you transfer in and out of wheelchairs or regular chairs safely and effectively. Your therapist can also customize the program according to which techniques are most conducive for your condition and appropriate for your body. However, certain factors are often included in the transfer training program. For instance, the transfer program usually involves techniques for leaning your trunk, using your shoulder and arms, and keeping your head and neck in safe positions while you are completing the transfer process.

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