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Types of Physical Therapy Back Treatments

February 11, 2016

Back problems are frustrating conditions that can inflict you with severe pain and diminish your quality of life. Many problems can cause back problems, including improper posture, excessive strain, or medical conditions. Fortunately, physical therapists can perform services to treat back problems. If you are experiencing pain or loss of functioning in your back, you should learn about the back treatment services that are offered by Casper physical therapy companies.  
  • Massage and Manual Therapy:  Top Wyoming physical therapists can provide massage treatments to alleviate the symptoms that often accompany back or spine problems. Many spinal or muscle issues that cause upper and lower back conditions can be treated with massage and manual therapy services. The massages allow the physical therapists to apply direct pressure and friction on the affected areas of your back, which can help release the knots and relieve the tension from the tissues in your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. As a result, the massages can immediately reduce chronic pain, improve the efficiency of blood flow, and accelerate the recovery process.  
  • Hot Cold Treatments:  The best Casper physical therapy companies can also implement hot and cold treatments for your back. Premier therapists can apply hot pads and cold packs on the relevant area of your back and then alternate between the two temperatures. Both the hot and cold temperatures can facilitate distinct advantages. The heat can increase the rate at which blood, oxygen, and nutrients flow to the affected area. In contrast, the cold packs can help relieve inflammation to decrease the pain, reduce the swelling, and prevent the development of more severe conditions.   
  • Technologies:  Top Wyoming physical therapists can also treat your back problems with innovative technological devices. A TENS machine can help alleviate the pain and improve the functioning of your back. A TENS machine enables the therapy experts to generate electrical currents to stimulate your muscles, which can decrease or prevent muscle spasms, release tension, and help the body produce natural endorphins to relieve the pain. An ultrasound device can also help treat your back condition. Physical therapy specialists can use the ultrasounds to improve blood circulation and help decrease swelling, cramping, and stiffness. Additionally, therapists can also utilize iontophoresis devices to perpetuate electrical currents in the back and to circulate beneficial chemicals throughout the body.  
  • Exercises:  You can also benefit from the many exercises provided by premier Casper physical therapy companies. The therapists possess the advanced training and superior skills required to guide you through various exercises and stretches that can help accelerate the rehabilitation process. The experts can also customize the exercises to accommodate your specific back problem. During the sessions, the therapist often helps you perform the customized exercise routines. However, the therapists can also teach you effective exercise and stretching techniques that you can perform on your own and in your home. The exercises can relieve the pain, increase the range-of-motion for your back, and restore the proper functioning of the affected area.  
Contact North Platte Physical Therapy to relieve any of your back problems. We have accrued a reputation as one of the best physical therapy companies in Wyoming by providing superior customized services for each client. Our expert staff can diagnose your back ailment, develop a personalized treatment program, and implement the treatments that can most effectively alleviate the symptoms of your condition and maximize the conditions of your body.