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Staying healthy during the summer - from your Wyoming physical therapist

June 12, 2019

The summer months are here to stay, and as you spend more time outside you might be more likely to sustain injuries. Injuries can come in a number of forms and can often sneak up on you. You might be enjoying a hike with friends or family and start to feel a soreness in your ankle - or maybe you are enjoying a family cookout and take a misstep when taking food outside. No matter what happens or when, there are some ways you can avoid injury - take it from your Wyoming physical therapist.

Warming up 
If you plan on having a physically active day, it’s important to spend time warming up. This can include a light walk and stretch before you even leave your home. While warming up for a kayaking trip, hiking trip, or even a run outside a light walk or stretch can do wonders for your health and preventing injury. 

Pace yourself
It can be easy to get ahead of yourself when it comes to enjoying the summer weather. It might be tempting to do the 7-mile stretch versus the 5-mile on your first kayaking trip of the summer. Just remember, that although this might be fun, it isn’t always worth it and you can get seriously injured by over-exerting yourself. Remember to take things easy as your start a new exercise routine.

Pacing yourself applies to more than just physical activity. If you are working in the yard, around the house, or cleaning out a garage make sure you take extra care. It can be tempting to take more bags of mulch at once to avoid multiple trips, but this can actually lead to injury. Keep an eye on the way your body feels while performing household chores and maintenance.

Take care of yourself
While you should be doing this year-around, it’s extra important to take care of your body during the summer months. Heat can cause dehydration, and lack of proper nutrition can only accelerate these issues and cause more problems. Be sure to fuel your body properly, and carefully, during the summer. It’s going to be more important to consume more water as well if you notice that you are more tired than usual. 

Taking care of yourself includes warming up, as previously discussed, but also cooling down after physical activity and giving your body plenty of rest time. Rest time is essential in maintaining a healthy body, but also helping to reach your personal fitness goals.

If you begin to notice that you might have sustained an injury, or you aren’t feeling at your best, be sure to contact your Wyoming physical therapist for assistance. At North Platte Physical Therapy, we are here to help meet your needs when it comes to managing and healing back pain. We serve the communities of Wyoming and Nebraska with 22 clinics offering a full range of physical therapy services for post-cast recovery. Contact us today for more information.